Monday, 3 May 2010

catching my breath

sunny and warm now, but raining earlier temps 22...we're in Montreal

Phew...what a whirlwind. Amazing, fun, breath-taking. Yippiiiee. The phone and messages haven't stopped all day. I still have more than 100 emails to respond to. Not totally certain I'll get to them all.

Thank you, each and everyone, for your support, your celelbrations, your joy and your company. Your wanting me to win, but not caring if I didn't.

Did interviews today with 2 CBC Radio Shows...there're articles on and The Globe and Mail. Had to turn down a French interview because I was feeling so frazzled I knew I'd just butcher it...but I invited the reporter down to Sutton and said we could talk there, where it's more peaceful. Have an interview on Wednesday at noon with Vita Magazine - the French version of More. And then at 4pm with Chatelaine - which is a big Canadian women's magazine.

It's actually a bit like running full blast and hitting a wall. Deeply unexpected. A little stunning. Oddly bruising. But also - to get away from the wall analogy - very, very wonderful.

It gets a little confused because I'm also fighting to finish book 7 - and being away for so long (at least it feels like that) it took all day just re-reading and editing the previous two chapters to feel I was in anyway 'back' there in Three Pines with Gamache. And then the phone would ring...or there'd be an urgent email about an interivew or a photograph. Oh...I need to get a couple photos from the event...of just me and the Agatha. Michael took a few but other people - especially the glorious Hank Phillippi Ryan who won for BEst Short Story, were in his shots. In fact, that's one of the photos also on the facebook page.

But if any of you were there and have a photo of just me, me, me holding the Agatha teapot, I'd appreciate a copy.

I got absolutely no new writing done today - but I think I'm almost back to where I should be in terms of head-space.

Having said that - I know this may never, every happen again and I need to really savour it...and I am.

thank you again for all your kind words and encouragement!!!

Trip home was easy - short US air flight to Burlington. The only hitch was at the Phillipsburg border crossing back into Canada. Only two customs lanes open. Huge long line. I, of course, got into the slow one. And I mean SLOW. But we cleared eventually. got to the Montreal apartment...ordered pizza - and exhaled. Phew... that I think is always the best part...getting back quietly and being able to just slip into PJs, eat pizza, and smile.

Tomorrow Michael takes the car in - winter tired finally off...while I write. Then we have a Palliative Care talk late in the afternoon followed by a buffet supper with the organizor, a friend named Kappy Flanders.

We have friends with interesting names. Kappy. cotton. Wilder. susan. Well, her name is fine, it's the woman who's strange.

Will try to speak to you tomorrow. Be well - and thanks for the company.


Maureen Harrington-Carter said...
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Maureen Harrington-Carter said...

Palliative care-- so important. When professionals think in terms of cure--comfort, ability, and spirit are often ignored. Blessings to her.

thomas said...

You may want to check into the NEXUS program--you would get through customs faster that way.

Diane said...

What a roller coaster - happy you are back to routine of writing so you can go off for another spin at some point!

Debbie said...

Every time we returned back from the States at the Philipsburg customs and there were long lineups, we always seemed to pick the wrong lane too. So eventually we would go through the smaller customs at Morse's Line. Much faster to get through. It just takes knowing how to get there and adding a little to your drive.

Marjorie said...

"winter tired finally off"

Louise, you take all the catch-your-breath t time that you need. We are all "winter tired" and what a fabulous way to for you to welcome spring. Awards, books, family, friends, fresh air, good food, etc. You deserve it all.

--Marjorie of Connecticut

Cathy said...

Hi Louise,
Congratulations on the win! We Suttoners are proud to call you our neighbour. Bravo!
Sutton School

Maddie said...

Oh Louise!!! I am so thrilled for you!! I jumped up and down in my office here on Cape Cod and gave the cats quite a scare.
Celebration gift on its way... I didn't even know when I sent it that you had won -- I guess it was meant to be!!
Hope to talk with you soon,

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

What a great series of posts, from emotional sustenance to fun and funny - to useful. Like the Morse line... sadly Nexus is out - tried and they turned me down! Apparently not claiming a bathing suit is permanently punishable. Poor Michael has to suffer for my criminal behavior. He married a moll.

Thank you for being so happy! Such fun to be going down this path with you...winter tired and all!