Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Where's my key, agenda, cheque, head?

snow in morning, very windy, then bright sunny skies temps minus 14

Drove in to Cowansville for breakfast this morning, then on to Montreal. Took the back roads since there was a lot of snow. But mostly the danger comes from ice, and blowing snow - which we had in abundance this morning.

Michael drove the Mercedes home - hallalujah!

Though it took a while to get here to the Montreal apartment. It was, in many ways, a day of remebrance - following a day of forgetfulness. Our DOF happened last visit to Montreal. Michael forgot to bring the cheque for Volvo, Steve at Mercedes forgot to give us the second key, and I forgot my agenda at Lemeac Restaurant. All in a matter of hours.

So today we retraced our steps...took the cheque to Volvo for the final payment before selling the car...picked up the second key for our new Mercedes (adore it!!!) from the dealer...and met Michel at Lemeac for lunch and picked up my agenda at the same time.

Lunch was great. Michel will be the person translating my books into French. Over a lunch of calamari, fish soup, cuisse de canard, baguette we discussed all sorts of things, including translation options and turns of phrases. Can you believe this is work??? Hope to convince Revenue Canada it's work, but it sure didn't feel like that. Michael and Michel laughed about the role of a hematologist in designing murder mysteries. We had a blast.

And speaking of blasts - that's what met us (after we forgot the key to the car in the restuarant) as we walked to the car. A bitterly cold wind right in our faces. Feels like the skin is peeling away. Poor noses. And ear lobes.

The new car is fabulous...a real dream. As you know we agonized over what to get. We needed an all wheel drive, we wanted something comfortable for the highway, and something environmentally responsible. We got two out of three. Situational ethics, c'est moi. However, to right the imbalance - and because they're cool - we're also going to get a used Smart Car for tooling from home to the villages, and only use the Mercedes for trips to Montreal or further afield.

I've quite lost my heart to the Smart Car - but I wouldn't want to drive them around our mountain home in winter...nor would I want to drive them on the highway in any weather. people do, I know...but not these people. We first saw a Smart Car in Paris about five years ago. I remember standing stock-still and staring...mesmerized by the tiny car. Adoring it right away. So it will be such fun to have one.

Rob - Barbara Peter's husband (she of Poisoned Pen books) in Phoenix - has a Smart Car and we got to see it. Course, it might make a little more sense in Phoenix than in two feet of snow. But I'm sure I can justify it. Oh, wait...I don't need to. What a relief.

So now we're home in the Montreal apartment...no plans for tomorrow, except to maybe lose a few more things.

Fruit salad for dinner...craving healthy food - finally.

Hope you're well...talk to you tomorrow.


Marjorie said...

Only because I fear for your safety and for Michael's, I would urge you to not get a Smart Car. If an SUV or truck were to rear end you, you would know why I am saying that. Unless you had a 1,000 acre country estate that you were using it on exclusively, I am afraid for you to drive it on public streets. Not only because you have so much less protection in accidents, but because other drivers can't see you as well.

Feel free to ignore my advice, of course.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Shelagh said...

Hi Louise, I'm afraid I also agree with Marjorie, even though I, too, think the Smart cars are totally adorable. How about a Honda Civic?? It will get you from here to there, in relative comfort, and gas efficient, too.

Have a great "day off" tomorrow.

Hugs, Shelagh

Jo B. said...

Smart Car owners don't seem to last too long in our neck of the woods....too many SUVs and pickup trucks on the road that can't see the little cars!

We want y'all to be safe!

Donna K said...

How about a fun, little scooter? (not to replace your wanting a Smart Car..(with a helmet) It could be fun with friends on small rural roads and frontage roads.I know, it sounds worse than a Smart Car. Your area sounds beautiful. My friends have scooters and take so many lovely nature rides, out to lunch, to the Bay (L. Michigan)-of course, no exercise there. But I'm thinking of getting one . I just can't tell my 90 yr. old mother who worries about everything. Bad enough I still fly in her opinion. (on planes) So this morning I said to my husband that you were thinking of getting a Smart Car...and he says, "Death Traps" (he gets right to the point with conversation.) Poor Louise. Maybe you could attach flashing lights and streamers or the like from the Smart Car. ha
Anyway, enjoying your daily communication once again and the bloggers. Donna

Jodi said...

Smart Cars scare me... how about a Mini Cooper instead?

By the way, I didn't have time to comment, but I just love the mental image of the Kindle fastened to Trudy's behind or your boots.

Marjorie said...

Now if Trudy could pull a pony cart around.......

Seriously, the more enviromentally friendly thing would be to just own the one car, keep the tires well inflated, drive with no jack rabbit starts and stops (have you searched hyper-miling?) and you will have done more than most people do for their surroundings.

And, of course, how is this any of my business? It's not, but I do worry about anyone in one of those sub-sub-compact cars.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

The Smart Car does look awfully small to me, and vulnerable. The excitement of your new wheels must have affected your memory. Just enjoy, and it will settle down. I am, once again, enjoying your winter vicariously, although the wind is a little daunting to me. Happiest of New Years, and enjoy your quiet-er time!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I have taken your kind concern and comment on board - but will without doubt forget them any moment now. Happily scooting from home into Sutton or Knowlton isn't really taking our life into our hands - though I think we could lose the Smart Car into a few out our pot holes. True, in a duel with even a mini, the smart would lose...or even a healthy blade of grass. Will research safety records.

Thank you for your concern. I know you care, and I appreciate it. And I must admit, while I am more emotionally courageous as I get older, I am more and more a physical coward. Now, if I was king of the fooooorest...