Monday, 7 December 2009

Phoenix books - burlington

dusting of snow, cold, temps 30

In Burlington, Vermont now! Had a wonderful weekend in sutton etc. Picked up Susan at the bus from Montreal at 11 Saturday morning. Went to lunch in Sutton, did some grocery shopping, then headed home. While Michael and Susan read and chatted by the fire I wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail about Christmas in the townships.

Then Wilder came over for dinner. Duck. (dinner, not a command - try not to think of Rosa!)

Sunday morning after breakfast susan and I got in the car and drove to Burlington, in time for lunch at Al's French Fries. this is the same diner Michael, Wilder and I stumbled upon last weekend...not realizing it's a Vermont institution. Poor Michael panicked and ordered a Caesar salad...though I gave him half of my burger and Wilder shared his fries,

This time I was prepared and Susan and I had burgers, fries and I had a milkshake. Yum!!!

Then "Christmas" shopping in Burlington. I actually did buy some things for Michael though I believe for the sake of voracity Christmas really does belong in quotes since most of the "gifts" were for me. I hate clothes shopping - but this was a gas. And Susan had done loads of homework so she knew where we should go. Besides, we were hopped up on fries, so had plenty of energy. Ended the day with a fabulous dinner at a bistro on Church street in Burlington. Church street is actually closed to vehicle traffic and is a pedestrian thoroughfare. wonderful shops. They're so eco-aware here it is inspirational, and terrific to be a small part of. Love it. The Christmas lights had just gone up so after dinner we stood on Church street, mesmerized. white lights in the trees the full length of the street, culminating in a multi-coloured huge pine at the very end of the street, in front of the old church.


And now we have some snow to simply gild the effect. Gorgeous.

Today, more shopping then off to a Vermont Public Radio interview at 4pm, and dinner with Mike deSanto of Phoenix books, in Essex Junction before a 7pm event there tonight.

Home tomorrow - actually to Montreal...appointments there.

Tonight is my LAST event of the year!! As much as I love them, and SO looking forard to Phoenix books (wonderful store) - I am also looking forward to putting my feet up. And exhaling.

speak soon! Hoppe you're well.


Deryn said...

Bonjour Louise,

Well, I thought I would miss London after you left there, but your descriptions of your travels since have been so evocative that I have not missed it at all.

Except now I am missing Burlington. I used to go there quite often when I lived in Montreal - if one of my friends could convince their parents to loan them the car. We loved going to Sweetwaters on Church St. (is it still there?) and then we shopped - mostly for shoes.

Now I live in BC, and miss Montreal terribly at times. Yesterday I spent the afternoon curled up with Dead Cold, which was almost as good as a visit in person. A wonderful book. I stayed up much too late in oder to finish it!

I so enjoy reading your blog. Good luck at your event tonight.
All the best,

bgpringle said...

I miss Burlington too. Used to go shopping for kids clothes and mail everything back to Montreal. It was so hard to get cute boys clothes in Canada in the late 60s. Now Church St is certainly upscale and fun shopping for all.
I know all will go well tonight, and then you can enjoy the holiday season.
Merry Christmas to you and Michael from Mississippi.
Love, Bev & Don

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

Just think, no more events for awhile! You'll be able to enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Your shopping trip sounded like fun (as long as I don't have to do it. Online shopping was invented for me.

I had a Grandmother that loved to go to the store and examine everything she could get her hand's on. She would pick up an article, look at it, turn it over, look at it, then finally look at the price. Whe whould then sniff, and say, the quality's not good enough for this price. Four hours later, we would finally leave the store. She might have bought 2 or 3 things.........if that much. She was chipper, I was exhausted.

Enjoy your well earned rest.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Deryn, Bev and Don and Bev,

Yes, Burlington is fabulous. Amazing I have not taken more advantage of it, but plan to now - if I can be persuaded to leave...home.

Larry Kort said...

I would like to say I've enjoyed all of your series on three pines. Each one got better, the last being the best, but each had it's own special attraction. I think the last book, 'The Brutal Telling is the last of the series, at least that's how it ended to me, is this true?