Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rochester Arts and lectures

showers, gray, cool, temps 40

actually, way milder than Rochester normally is this time of year...but we're here and it is wonderful! Flights yesterday were very easy, but long...Phoenix to New York, then New York to Rochester, arriving 1030 last night. Met by the two Susan's - terrific producers for the Rochester Arts and Lectures series.

they'd already checked us into the Hyatt and when they dropped us off here, making sure we had everything we could need, we went right up to the room and found a collection of snacks from them! They know us well. Not a piece of fruit, not a whole grain in sight. Perfect!!!

So we subsided into bed with ginger cookies and flavoured water...and just exhaled.

Had lunch today with the two Susans and Maddi from Barnes and Noble. And Michael of course. At the Museum. Terrific lunch. and snow back in the hotel to relax - and speak to you.

Event tonight sold out. more than 800 people. Hope I don't eff up. Or throw up and pass out. Which would pretty much being to eff it up. Hope to have fun. Might as well. I know this intellectually, but we'll see what my body decides to do. One thing I know for sure - if the audience is as tenth as kind as the producers I'll be fine, even if I do throw up and pass out. I'll awake to 800 people staring down at me, with concern.

Still, best not to put it to the test.

Back home tomorrow...Wilder picking us up. 7:30 flight. to NYC then on to Burlington. Lovely.


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

What lovely people you know! Ginger cookies and flavored water - wonderful. And they had checked you into the hotel, too. How thoughtful of them, and what a pick-me-up for you and Michael after your long trip.

I'm sure tonight will go smoothly and you will be fine! No foul-ups!

Happy reunion with your beloved four-legged friend tomorrow.

Hugs, Shelagh

Dana said...

I now inspect book stores to see where they have placed your books. Soon I will be filing complaints to the management in my zeal to introduce Three Pines to Nova Scotia. Am I becoming too obsessed?
Safe home. Dana

Shelagh said...

Hi again Louise,

Meant to ask you - what is the event you are part of in Rochester? and 800 people! Yikes!! and a sell out - how wonderful!

Do you ever come to Michigan?????

Hugs, Shelagh

Shelagh (3 comments for one blog - my oh my!) said...

I did what I should have done before I asked you about Rochester Arts and Lectures and checked online about it. You are not part of the event - you are the event!! I'm terribly sorry I jumped the gun on that one. I don't blame you for being nervous! What a prestigious engagement for you, and so well deserved. Can't wait to read your blog about it. So glad Michael is with you to enjoy this special evening with you.

Hugs, Shelagh

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Dana,

Sounds perfectly healthy and reasonable to me!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear shelagh, Shelagh, Shelagh,

Not to worry - loved your care and concern. The event went really well. Such a warm crowd. Made me feel as though I wasn't a fraud afterall.

but now it's over. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I have become so entranced with your books and thrilled with every one. I feel I can become a part of every story and am living in Three Pines. Do you ever have any plans of coming to the West Coast? Dolores