Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Born Excitable

snow flurries, windy, bitterly cold - temps minus 17

Actually, for most of the day it was desperately cold, then late afternoon it got milder and started to snow. We're still in Montreal...having a fabulous day. Breakfast at Nick's on Greene Ave (bacon and eggs for Michael, porridge for me) - then home to do least, I did nothing but sit on the bed and watch Entourage.

Michael wrote his book.

At about 2pm I decided to head out to the Second Cup coffee shop for a cappucino, and read the latest version of my manuscript.

Michael wrote his book.

Then I went off and got sushi for dinner...and walked home through the back alley. Not something I normally choose to do, not because it's dangerous, it is just not the most attractive of the possible routes home. But as I was almost there I looked up from my boots - and there was Michael. He'd finished writing for the day and came out looking for me.

So we turned around and went off to a local patisserie for coffee...he had a hot chocolate, and I drank the cafe au lait to go I'd got him at the other place. And he told me all about his writing.

Then home...Michael printed out what he'd written and we sat on the bed together as I read it.

It is brilliant. Not just good, not even's glorious. I've read other parts of the book he's written and adored it - been blown away by his talent, but this section was even better. I'm so proud of him!!

Had a fun email from Abhijiit Dasgupta, who writes for India Today. He also does a blog on their site...on his recent blog he wrote about his experiences trying to get anyone interested in his unpublished novels. It's both hilarious and inspirational. Here's the link. I especially adore his first line in the blog...

"there's no greater fun that being born excitable."

Now, here's the link...

Hope you enjoy it. Off home tomorrow - having a quiet New Years Eve, by choice. Given a choice these days I will always choose quiet. Although I know exactly what Abhijit means - it is wonderful to get excited about things - to really celebrate. But sometimes, it is equally wonderful to be quiet.

Speak tomorrow - take care!



lil Gluckstern said...

so I'm driving today, and saw my first "Smart Car" in person. It was yellow with black trim and looked like a baby bumble bee. Awful cute, but very small. I, of course, thought of you. I have read the Dasgupta blog, and liked it very much, and ached for her, but also loved her persistence. I can only imagine what this brings up for you. What triumph. Hope your New Year;s Eve is quiet, and safe, and lovely.

Dana said...

Happy New Year Louise, Michael and bloggers. Good health for 2010.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Yes, I saw the 'bumble bee' in Phoenix! We're back in Sutton now, nesting...storm coming for this weekend. Nice to be here, with lots of food and hot chocolate, great books and fire wood. Bliss.

Happy New Year to you, Lil.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Dana,

And Happy New Year to you! Good health. Lovely wish.

Donna K said...

Happy New Year to a wonderful, fun and talented couple! How about that Michael, huh Louise?? --the pianist, scientist, novelist ( ?), don't tell me he has a British accent on top of all this or I'll really be in Love-ha-vicariously of course.
Lucky you , a cozy storm!Stay warm and cozy. Happy 2010 Three Pines bloggers... Donna