Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!! Joyeux Noel!!

misty, mild, moon, temps just at freezing

Merry Christmas!

I've been quiet for a while - taking time to myself - doing some work, doing some lounging.

But I missed you. I blog, you know, because I like it. I like you. I'd stop if it became a huge chore. It was nice, though, to take some time away.

But it's Christmas and I wanted to make sure to say, Joyeux Noel. Snow on the ground, a mild day, perfect for walking, skiing, snowshoeing - or in our case, sitting by the fire listening to King's College Cambridge and Bing Crosby, and slowly opening gifts. The aroma of stuffed turkey filling the home.

Our friend Wilder dropped by at 2pm - with a huge, lovely bouquet of Christmas flowers - and we ate around 3. Leisurely meal of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potates, peas. Michael did a fabulous gravy. Then coffee and an assortment of desserts friends had been kind enough to bring over in the past week. Yum.

And now the dishes are done, the leftovers sorted - Wilder has left with a turkey casserole thanks to Michael. And now it's a quiet evening - back to the fireplace, and bing and the boys.

Last weekend I wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail about our first Christmas in the country. If you're interested here's the link...

Hope it works! and I hope.your day is filled with joy, and peace and contentment...and wonderment. And light.

Michael joins me in saying Merry Christmas. And thank you, for the gift of your company this past year.


Mercedes said...

Louise Penny:

For fear that you will retreat into the hermit's cave, no one dares say, "We're glad you're back."

As the newbie -- as the fan with the least to lose -- I will put it out there: "We are very glad that you are back."

-- Mercedes

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise, So happy to read today's blog, and glad you had some rest. Thanks for the link to the Globe and Mail story - delightful story; no wonder you love where you live!
Happy Christmas to you, and a great 2010.
Hugs, Shelagh

whalewatcher said...

Merry Christmas Louise and Michael! I think Christmas day should be just like a wedding.....everything you always wanted w/just the people you want to celebrate it w/you.
Blessed New Year too!

Elizabeth said...

Ran into journalist Elizabeth Thompson at the Cathedral here in Ottawa this morning and she told me how much she enjoyed your article about Xmas in the Eastern Townships. And two days ago, your books were recommended by a local mystery writer (I didn't catch her name) 0n our local CBC radio station. So your name is everywhere. Are your ears burning yet?

Virginia said...

The past few weeks I've been reading your books. I'm currently reading - A Rule Against Murder. Love the stories, characters, setting. They have been a great escape. So glad I found you.

Lee Ann said...

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you and Michael!

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Louise, for your Christmas blog and for the link to the story in Globe & Mail. A happy holiday season to you and Michael.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

It is great to be back - and be welcomed back rather than hearing - 'Her again? I thought we finally shook her.' I think part of me will always be that insecure little girl who felt left out. Happily, not a big part of me anymore, but that fear pops up every now and then. Keeps me humble, and I hope compassionate, and grateful for the community of friends I have.

So glad you enjoyed the article. And that others did! I'll continue to bend your ears for a long time to come, God willing.