Thursday, 10 December 2009

Entertainment Weekly!

sunny, blowing snow, then suddenly another snowstorm! temps minus 4

Funny sort of day. Bright sun, but almost blotted out by all the blowing snow. Like a sandstorm. the snow wasn't falling, just swirling around.

Had a great day...did want to mention that on Monday night I had my very last event for the year...and Phoenix Books in Essex Junction, Vermont. Wonderful independent bookstore. And even though the weather was pretty poor the turnout was great. Always wonderful to see that.

Next morning I drove Susan back to Montreal then drove home to Sutton. I guess you have gathered how I feel about being...home.

Michael, by the way, is feeling terrific...It's kind of a miracle that he could take such a tumble and only be bruised. Quite a colourful one on his left hand and a nearly perfect circle around his left elbow. But we are both so grateful it wasn't worse.

Today was a lovely day. Spent most of it editing, speaking to my agent, doing mailings. Bits and pieaces. But no stress.

Couple pieces of wonderful news....

In the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly (Johnny Depp on the cover) they asked Aunt Agatha's bookstore for their bestseller list. And THE BRUTAL TELLING was top of the list!!! EW even did a small write-up. yay. And wonderful for Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor...fabulous mystery bookstore!!

And, Sarah Weinman in her blog, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, listed the best books of the decade, and STILL LIFE was on it! Yippee.

Great day!

Our friend in the guest cottage came over for tea with his daughter Kelly and her daughter. One year old. Very fun. I'd known Kelly as a baby herself...and now to see her again all grown up and lovely, with an infant of her own was great. Very moving.

then Michael and I hopped into Knowlton to see Lucy at Brome Lake Books, and have dinner (steak frites) with our friends Jack and Jane in a local restaurant.

But, while we drove to Knowlton in clear weather, sometimes while we were in Brome lake Books, a storm rolled in. Driving, slashing snow...falling sideways. Michael and I walked straight into it on our way to the restaurant. Snowed all during dinner. fortunately we have an all wheel drive volvo with winter tires and getting the 10 kilometers home through the mountains was no problem.

Loads of mailing to do tomorrow, and other errands. But when I'm not doing major editing or writing, and not doing any events, well life is just less stressful. I can feel myself decompress.

Speak to you tomorrow!


whalewatcher said...

Glad Michael's hand is better and that you are
able to decompress....always important.
Hurrah for the book lists that tell everyone what marvelous books you write!
The snow missed us, but the wind chills have been
-12. I'm glad this is my last work day so I can have a weekend at home out of the weather.
Thanks for sharing.

Marjorie said...

Here's the link to cut and paste to Sarah's picks:

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Cece said...

So much fun! I volunteer at the small local branch library, and this week a patron asked for mystery recommendations. I am the resident "mytery" volunteer, so I was designated to help her. Steered her right to Still Life and got her started. When she saw the cover, she thought she remembered your name from the People review. (We put them up on our bulletin board for a week sometimes.) Told her you have moved on to even higher heights since then!
Enjoy the peace of December in your home. I know you value all the busy-ness that success brings-after all, it is what you hoped for when you started writing-but everyone needs some quiet time as well.

Marjorie said...

Cece, you reminded me that I meant to tell Louise that last Saturday I took a friend to B&N in Union Square (NYC weekend) where I bought a copy of "Still Life" to give to a friend for her 50th B'day and that pushed my friend into buying her own copy (I did push her to it ever so slightly but talking about the books nonstop). I figure that when we hook them with the first book they can't help but then go out and buy the next four!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi whale, Marjorie and Cece,

I feel like well, I hesitate to say pimp - perhaps pusher...and you are the traffickers - hooking people on the books! Yes, better analogy than pimp because that would make you...hookers.

As you can see, I should never be sent out into public to sweet talk anyone.

All this to say a HUGE thank you for telling others about the books...and continuing to do so.

Merci, mes amis.