Saturday, 26 December 2009

New Best Friend

overcast, mild, windy

Freezing rain in the forecast, but for now it's quite nice. Just came back from breakfast with Joan, then took Trudy around the pond...a trudge through the now. head down into the blowing wind and drifting snow. it occured to me I definitely see more of my boots than anything else in winter. Beautiful vistas are lost on me...all I see are the tips of my boots as they sink into the snow. Boots should be more interesting. Perhaps build a video monitor into them, or a book. When I do look up all I see, through the swirling snow, is Trudy's backside.

Ahh, a Canadian winter.

And, I have a new best friend. Her name is Long Underwear. It's quite an intimate relationship, and God help Michael is he tries to steal her away. He has his own best friend.

However, I am leaving Miss Long Underwear behind in a few weeks when we take off for our first winter vacation ever!!! To St. Lucia. Yippee.

Have a fairly quiet day. got the notes a few days ago on suggested adjustments to the novella for literacy I wrote. It features Chief Inspector Gamache et al in a murder in Three Pines. It's called The Hangman. Hope to get the notes finished by the end of the weekend. Also want to write the January newsletter. How times slips away! It's almost January.

Off to a birthday party tonight. Indeed, am hoping to have all the editing etc done by the beginning of January...and then, for the most part, take two months off! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am, though I imagine you know.

Things always appear - an event here or there, an interview, some more unexpected editing. (Just got, on Christmas Eve, the line edits for the paperback edition of THE BRUTAL TELLING - they need to be read by the end of the week, and any corrections sent to England). But what I hope not to do is do any writing in two months. Spend the time relaxing, playing...and thinking about the next book, which I will begin writing the first of March. It needs thought, and some planning. Mostly what I need to do is give it some time to just start hearing conversations, seeing scenes, fleshing out characters until they can walk and talk on their own. Quiet time. Preferably on a beach.

Be well - will talk to you tomorrow. If I figure out how to attach a book to the toes of my boots, or, to Trudy's behind, I'll let you know.


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

How about a Kindle, in Large Print, with a remote, for Trudy's behind??!! + it would need to be on a little stand of some sort. Oh, never mind; by the time you had everything hooked up Trudy would be fed up with even thinking of going for a walk! Must be why books-on-tape and I-Pods have been invented.

So exciting to read of your winter vacation in warm weather, and that you may actually have two months off. Wonderful news. And even better news that you are thinking of a seventh book - yeah!!!


bgpringle said...

Would the stabbing of a man in Sutton yesterday help with your new book? Reading the Gazette on-line. Glad you and Michael had a wonderful Christmas. I now have a Macbook and am getting used to the change over.

Brenda B. said...

Dear Louise,

It's nice to find you blogging again, and to picture you walking around the pond with your new pal LU (tops and bottoms?) to keep you warm. Also good to know that soon you'll be off to a lovely warm place, and that LU will not need to accompany you.

Your Christmas sounded lovely and quiet, a happy circumstance after such a busy year.

Wishing all the best to you and Michael in 2010.

Brenda B.

Marjorie said...

Louise, I am so happy that you are back with us.

As far as walking around, maybe you need to wear a balaclava and some snow goggles and just be able to look around and take in the beauty even if it means that you look a little silly doing it! Trudy's backside can only be so interesting for so long.

On a side note, I am now the proud mother of a bouncing baby Imac and I am learning to use it day by day and not think like a PC user any longer. I also have no excuse for not doing more writing, do I?

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Dana said...

Dear Louise and Michael,
We have just left Lennoxville and are in NH for a few days - on our way to Florida for the winter. Nothing is like a Township Christmas. Hope your holidays are as happy as ours were. Didn't miss you too much b/c we entertained Lew and Kathy Evans (the most former headmaster of BCS) and we talked about how wonderful the both of you are! And our future daughter in law sang at Lake Brome a few nights before Christmas.
Also took a pic of my new Gamache mug on the railing of Williams House looking at many pines!
The drive down through Vt was like driving through a Christmas card - and the roads were clear in BOTH LANES. Good times.
Happy new year to all.


whalewatcher said...

Ha! You always make me laugh or think.....and I enjoy doing both! Your blog is an enjoyable addition to any day. Thanks!

Bev Stephans said...

Boots can be interesting.....remember, Michael's went to Phoenix!

Glad to have you back.


lil Gluckstern said...

So I didn't check on Christmas Day, and there you were. I loved your "first Christmas in the Eastern Townships," and how wonderful to share in your wonder.
I will say I'm glad you are back, and today I had three things to read. Your vacation sounds wonderful, and your planned new book has me curious. Where? what? When? Enough. Welcome back.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I thought I'd replied to your quite hilarious and wonderful comments...but I hadn't. There I was, gone! My apologies. I certainly read them.

I'm thrilled some of you have your Gamache mugs. We have cafe au laits in them everyday. And quite right about Michael's books - very well travels.

Marjorie, and iMac!!! Congratulations. Aren't they fab??? Though I only have a Mac Book, but still adore it.

And yes, I am certainly a 'fair weather friend' to LU! Since there are two of them in this household that makes it Lulu. People will talk. People already do.