Sunday, 27 December 2009

Goals, and getting there...

rain, snow mix - temps freezing

Poured with rain this morning - went out to feed the birds and came back drenched. but it's snowing now - huge, soft flakes. Very pretty.

Loved some of your suggestions about multi-tasking while walking Trudy. Espcailly the suggestion that I attach a kindle to her bottom, since that is where many people think it belongs. But have decided to simply pause while I walk, and even if just for a moment, look around.

Have More Fun. Being very task oriented I often forget to simply enjoy the 'doing' not just the goal. And keep forgetting my new mantra. have More Fun.

Finished the editing on The Hangman - will send it off tomorrow morning. Want to write the January newsletter today. And will also register for Malice Domestic. It's a fabulous mystery readers/writers conference in Washington every year...focussing on traditional mysteries. people like Julia Spencer Fleming, Jacqueline Winspear, Ann Perry, Rhys Bowen, Margaret Maron and loads of others are there.

Also need to sit in a bubble bath and watch Relocation, Relocation.

So much to do!

Had two bowls of cafe au laits and a bowl of pretzels today. Diet on track to drop dead in about 2 years. Not a great goal, but the journey sure is fun. So it also fits with my new mantra. Very spiritual.

Dinner at the Beau Lieu restaurant in sutton with friends tonight and breakfast with Cheryl tomorrow. Funny, I have the impression that I work a lot, but reading over this blog it appears not so much.

Ooops, ten to three. Kirsty and Phil are calling. Speak to you tomorrow. Hope you're well.


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

Loved your description of your day yesterday - great combination of work and relaxation, with the added bonus of cafe au lait and pretzels! Oh yes.

Your impression that you work a lot is right on - you do! Just re-read some of your recent past blogs! It's great you have this time now for a little of you, Michael and Trudy time. The real heavy work load will be here again all too soon.

Have a very happy and relaxing New Year.

Big extra hug for Trudy.


Wilma A. said...

As I sit here in a nice warm house I long for a snow fix like you must enjoy where you live. Being a walker means letting your mind relax and float. Best medicine around! So enjoyed our time with you at the Poisoned Pen in Phoenix. Looking forward to your next book. Wilma Doane

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Shelagh,

I gave Trudy an extra hug from you. She says thank you. As do I. And you're right, it is such bliss to not have anything to worry about. Very odd. Leaves quite a hole in the agenda.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi wilma,

Yes, how well you put it - allowing the mind to relax and float. All is solved with walking, I think Erasmus said. Gamache quotes it in one book. And I believe it. if only to get me out of whatever environment I'm in. Often that is 'solution' enough.