Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Home sweet home

snow storm, temps minus 3

Home, home, storm, blwoing snow, home, breakfast, home, home, writing cards, packaging and wrapping gifts for mailing, home, home, home, fireplace, home.

Cafe au lait, home, home, pannetone, walk Trudy. Home.

Michael falls on ice getting mail. Bruises hand, but nothing broken. Home. Quietly by fire. Hand puffs up. Hospital? No. Can move everything, just bruised. Still home.

Snow swirling outside. Feed birds. Wind and snow takes my breath away. Snow down my boots. But love it.

Michael's hand feels better. left hand. Good. Hot chocolate by fire. Home sweet home.


Shelagh said...

Glad Michael's hand is much better. Be sure and take your cell phones with you when you go outside to feed the birds, pickup mail, take Trudy for a walk, etc. That way you're able to call someone if you should happen to fall - God forbid.

Be careful on the ice.

Enjoy the love and warmth of home.

Hugs, Shelagh

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm glad that Michael's hand is better. You are really be relishing your being home, and it's wonderful to have had such a rich year. To echo the others, you have really earned your rest, and enjoy getting ready for Christmas. Please don't laugh, but our temperature is in the 30's and 40's (F) and we are complaining like mad. But I remember winters like yours, thank you for telling us about it.


Nikki B said...

Notes from Ithaca,NY:
3 inches of snow. Rain. 40 degrees. Hail. 50 mph winds predicted. All in a day in upstate NY.
Tell Michael I am in good company---my first hockey injury, probably a sprained thumb (hopefully not a fracture) .... woman got pushy, she went down, I didn't...stick caught on her, along with thumb. Right hand. Bad.
But life is still good, and I will still play this weekend :-). Enjoy "Home" !

Anonymous said...

14 1/2" of snow fell here yesterday by Green Bay! Bird feeders cleaned off though..hardly anyone went to work. It's beautiful. Snowshoeing tomorrow.

Does Michael dress appropriately to get the mail?? (blogger joke) Maybe you could get them to throw the mail to you in a pouch like they did with newspapers...!

Sorry, not funny. Good that his other body parts survived.Enjoy your time together.


Cece said...

I never thought about taking my cell phone when going out to do the bird feeders or to the compost pile-but I have slipped out there and our backyard is not overlooked by neighbors, so that could be bad-what a simple obvious idea that never occured to me. I will do that from now on.

'Tis the season-this week my husband slipped on ice, fell, banged hand badly -but at work. So a whole day spent traipsing from pillar to post: workman's compensation clearinghouse, health campus for xray, Doc to have xray read. Lots of hurry up and wait. All the time he is saying "I'm FINE, I can move all my fingers" but his employer insisted. Doc tells him moving parts only mean your ligaments still work-could be bone chips floating around. Depression sets in. Christmas in a cast.
But then the xray shows DH was right-no break, just bad swelling and bruising. Wrap and brace. Follow-up next week-back where he started.

Jeanine said...

Dear Louise,

So glad you and Michael are HOME and have a bit of time to relax and enjoy being HOME! So glad Michael was not seriously injured in his fall.

I so very much enjoyed living vicariously through your travels but can appreciate how relieved you are to be HOME.

While you are HOME, there is a little book you might enjoy curling up with in front of the fire with Trudy at your feet: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Next to your books, this is the most I have enjoyed reading a book in a long time -- and I am a voracious reader.

Enjoy being HOME.

Cece said...

Louise and Jeanine-I heartily second that recommendation. It would be a lovely book to read curled up side by side by side with Michael ad Trudy-even out loud.
The first time I read it, I finished the last page and started right over again.

hilary said...

50% of the reason I have a cellphone is for winter weather -- climbing 46 steps up and out of my home, shovelling an endless hillside driveway, skiing in the wilderness alone. Taking a phone to the mailbox is not a bad idea -- it's a modern convenience. Now you are home, please don't blog, or feel obliged to until the new year (unless you're moved to, of course, in which case we'll be delighted to hear from you.)

Happy holiday to you and yours. Bless you for all you are and do.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

LOVE the idea of the cell phone! thank you. I will staple it to his hand. And mine.

Lil, totally understand the shivers when you're not used to it. I get upset here when it is too mild! Odd people we are.

Nikki - oh, that sounds painful. Hope it feels better soon.

Oh, DK - I can just imagine it. Peaceful. There's no quiet like the country after a heavy snowfall. It muffles everything. Bliss.

Dear Cece, what a relif your husband is also OK. But makes for a long day, no? And stressful.

Dear Jeanine, I've heard GREAT things about that book. I do need to read it. Perfect for by the fire. Off to Hovey next week...I might take it. And leave the computer at home!

Dear Hilary...very wise to have a plan in case of an accident. We will definitely keep the phone on us now. And about blogging - thank you for the respite, but you know, I actually like blogging. As I say, I will almost certainly not blog next week while we're away. Some quite, private, personal time. But will get back to it when it feels like time.

Thanks for understanding!