Friday, 3 April 2009

Wizard Michael

very windy, sunny then rainy, temps 15

Very mild day - but unsettled.

Hopped into Montreal quickly - a couple of things came up suddenly. Picked up Michael's new glasses. The old perscription was off - but he thought it was just his sight getting worse. Then a new optomotrist tested him, and got the perscription right!

What a difference. All the way back down the highway he kept saying things like, 'It's great to be able to see the other cars.' Or, 'So that's what that sign says.'

He'd driven us into Montreal. Dear Lord.

Picked up more anti-puppy mills hats. Chatted with our friend Kirk who runs an antique shop in Knowlton and is very involved in animal rights. We think we're going to get a few merchants together and have the same hats made up for the SPCA Monteregie - at our own expense. Sell them in shops and through my website for 10 dollars and send all the money to the SPCA to crack down on the puppy mills.

Just starting with the effort - but will keep you informed.

Lise is having a tea and 'sale of goods' at her home tomorrow afternoon. Am hoping to make it. Michael having his beard and hair cut tomorrow anticipation of his birthday.

With his new glasses he looks like Harry potter grown up. Adorable.

Hope you're well. Talk tomorrow, or so.

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