Sunday, 26 April 2009


overcast, cool (compared to yesterday), temps 16

Can't believe it got up to 28 degrees yesterday! Actually hard to sleep it was so hot upstairs. Turned the ceiling fan on...then the temp dropped in the night. Phew.

You see - we can talk about the weather forever. And I know how interesting it is to other people.

Pat and Tony will be moving in here tomorrow while we're away - bringing their dogs and looking after Trudy. We're off to Ste Agathe tomorrow, to spend the night with a couple of friends at Lac manitou. Then I'll be giving a talk to the local Canadian Club. Then on Wednesday I have a talk to the Protestant School board members. Then on Thursday we fly to Washington for Malice Domestic.

That's a fun 3 day convention for mystery readers and writers - especially in the Tradiitonal gnre. I really like Malice Domestic. Lots of fun. This year the guest of honour is Anne Perry.

After that - next Sunday - I have that event with Marcia Talley, Rhys Bowen, Elaine Viets, Mary Jane Maffini and GM Maillet at the B&N in Annapolis. 5pm. Then on monday I'll be heading to Pittsburgh for the Festival of Mystery.

Busy time.

And not sure when I'll get a chance to blog. Will try, but you might not hear from me for 10 days or so. Think of me at the Agatha Awards Saturday night...The Cruelest Month is nominated. But it's a hugely talented field!

Take care of yourselves, and each other, and I'll talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself, but make sure you rest in between. We will miss the blogs, but do not worry about it.
We will enjoy them thus much more later.


Skeeter (from Stowe) said...

Oh, I'll miss the blogs - but we will still have the May newsletter, won't we!!! It's my birthday (5/1) and I look forward to it each year - my own personal birthday present I give myself.

Someone once said "always put weather in your story." I believe it, you do and it helps the feeling of the story.


Lee Ann said...

With any luck, I will be able to turn up in Annapolis on May 3rd. I think the weather will be cooling off here too by the weekend. It's April, and I'm ready for fall!

Lee Ann

lil Gluckstern said...


With all your travels, you will need a rest to recover! - Jet lag and all that. Enjoy and don't worry about us, we'll manage--and look forward to your next blogs, telling us all about your trip. Stay well, and bon voyage.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Anny - thanks for your understaning! just managed to post one today...will see about Washington.

Hi Skeeter...happy early birthday!!! Yes, the newsletter is all ready to go out. hope you enjoy it. And LOVE that you celebrate and feel joyous on your birthday - celebrate yourself! Brava.

Hi Lee Ann,

It would be so fab. to see you again! Love the picture it new?

And Hi Lil -

I actually posted today because I was pretty sure you wouldn't survive without me and I'd hate to lose you! Har har. Thanks for all your support.

Talk soon.

Lee Ann said...

No, just an itty bitty picture of me from the summer of 2007 taken in Twickenham, England with the River Thames in the background. I photograph horribly so this was a pleasant surprise!

Lee Ann