Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Happy Details

snow, rain, sleet, yech.

Another typical April day. We just got back from Montreal - toting a pizza for Tony and a thank you for looking after Trudy.

Signed a lease for a new apartment in Montreal. In Quebec (and nowhere else as far as I can tell) they call apartment sizes as 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 etc. Took me forever to figure it out - and still not totally sure. But we knew we wanted at 3 1/2 - which in the rest of the known world is called a one bedroom.

This place is great - we're very happy. And basically it will be a pied a terre in the city.

things shaping up beautifully for Michael's party. small. 30 people. Including my brother Doug, his ex-wife and still good friend (as she is to us) Mary, and their kids, Brian, Roslyn and Charlie. They're coming from Toronto.

Still loads of details and I'm sure I've forgotten something. Like food. But a relief to know if I have, well, everyone is such a great friend it's not the end of the world. Though I do want it to be nice for Michael. He says he only plans to turnn 75 two or three times, so I'd better get it right!

writing tomorrow morning then coffee with Cotton in Knowlton and a few errands. Blog pretty boring these days. Oh, the proofs arrived for THE BRUTAL TELLING so we're starting on the proof edit...one of the last stages. And saw the US cataloge for it. It will come out in the US in October...so that's 2 books in one year.

I have to tell you that I really love this book. We're back in Three Pines for THE BRUTAL TELLING. Anyway, you'll decide for yourselves.

And A RULE AGAINST MURDER is now available in Kindle, for those Kindlers out there.


Anonymous said...

I am a new Kindle addict (although I have all of your books already). If The Brutal Telling comes out for Kindle as well, it will be a tough call but I will probably go for the hard back so I can add it to my collection. :-)


Anonymous said...

The Brutal Telling will be out in October? Hurrah! I think I just may be able to wait that long...thanks so much for letting us know.
in Oregon

lil Gluckstern said...

Your Blogs are not boring. they are more like having tea with a nice, interesting lady. With writing your books, (can't wait for A Brutal TElling), caring for for your home, and planning Michael's birthday, you are very busy, it seems. enjoy yourself, we do!!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Karen,

so interesting to see the growth of Kindle...I don't own one, but don't rteally need to. But I do hear from lots of people that they're pretty great. though must say I'm happy to hear you'll probably buy the hardcover. That's always a treat.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Beth,

So glad you're looking forward to it! Love to visit Oregon one day - I hear it's gorgeous.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

You are so lovely and supportive. Wish me luck tomorrow - though I'm sure it'll be terrific. Yes, that's it...terrific.