Monday, 20 April 2009

She also asks if you're really wearing that...

overcast, breezy, temps 11

Quite chilly this morning, but became nicer in the afternoon as the winds died down a bit and the day warmed up.

Bear returned last night. Ripped off the third and final bird was screwed onto the end of the post and it took it off completely.

Last night I kept waking up, thinking I heard the bear...went downstairs, turned on the outside lights...first time I saw a plump skunk - which seemed undeterred by the light and eventually waddled away. The next time I woke up to noise and snuck downstairs to find two massive racoons. Now, I would have probably concluded those racoons had done the damage had the bear not gifted us with such a massive pile of poop.

We seem to have a wilflife zoo happening at night here.

I suspect we won't see much more of the bear since there's nothing left to get in to.

Wrote for most of today. Need to head in to Montreal tomorrow. Taxes for Michael and dentist and hairdresser for me. I can't tell you how many times Michael's asked, 'So, have you called the hairdresser?' 'Do you have an appointment yet?' 'Your hair looks ridiculous and your dead mother has asked me to tell you that.' OK, he didn't actually say that last thing, but I heard it anyway with my accute hearing.

So, the appointment is made. And not with the local village barber this time.

Pray for me. Will report back.


Anonymous said...

"Your dead Mother told me to tell you that?" That is the funniest reply I have heard any husband say to his wife. You have bears. I have squirrels and squirrels. How do you get rid of squirrels. They are voracious bird seed eaters, plus they dig in my flower pots.
Annoying little creatures.

Weather very hot yesterday. Cold and rainy today. Ruined my chinese plum tree flowers, but the pink is still blooming.

Say hello the skunk, if you are very quiet they will not spray or harm you.

Take care.


Jo B. said...

All your critters would send a motion detection camera in a spasm! Must be quite a parade of them outside your door at night! I finally found a way to hang suet cakes so the raccoons didn't steal cage and all. They are smart little critters!

donna said...

Hi Louise - must say that the thought of the hairdresser is more frightening than the bear! I had a terrible haircut in February and the only thing which kept it in perspective was knowing that you too had such an experience. It does help to know we are not alone. I think that is why so many people read your blog because you keep us grounded by talking about everyday experiences. Thanks again for going the extra mile with all that you do and that is why you have so many loyal fans.
All the best,

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise-the only good thing about bad haircuts is the hair grows back. I assume you know the book "You're Wearing That?" by Deborah Tannen. It seems that mothers and daughters have very interesting, very convoluted relationships with a lot of love thrown in. My mother used to say when there is a lot of sunshine, there is a lot of shade. Not that original but explains the generous amount of bear poop you are working with. Generous amounts of food for the critters, generous amounts-well, you get the picture. I, too, enjoy your day by day stuff, also the peak into your creative process. You are very generous with yourself. It is 80 degrees here today, an almost never occurrence. We don't really really get a spring, so once again I share yours.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Anny,

I will certainly give the skunk your best. I quite like the smell of skunks, but not too close to home and definitely not on the dog. I have a friend whose dog got sprayed with skunk and her partner panicked and out the dog in their car. Ugh.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jo,

You, how do you do it? We find out suet baskets littered all over the place too. Well done you, finding a solution.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna,

thank you, my friend. What a lovely thing to say. Havew you had your haircut since then? This is my first cut...and it finally worked.

You really are lovely. Thank you for your kind words.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Oh, how kind you are - thank you...and on this dreary day I get to share your 80 degrees!

Yes, it is complicated, and one I never resolved while she lived. Though we still had a lot to talk about and a lot of fun. One of our first and lasting areas of shared interest were murder mysteries.