Monday, 13 April 2009

Back to Normal...we're F.I.N.E.

sunny, breezy, cold, temps 1 degree

Nasty cold, but at least it's sunny.

got up at 5am and my brother Doug and I drove in to Montreal, up to the Plateau area to pick up a U-Haul truck then back to our apartment. Doug and I then loaded the truck with a few things from our mother I chose after her death that won't fit into our new, smaller, apartment. Doug and Mary said they'd take a couple of pieces, to eventually give to their kids. So that was great.

Doug headed off to Toronto mid-morning and I drove back to the country.

Then had a wonderful afternoon doing absolutely nothing except eat leftover birthday cake in front of the TV. Fantasy Homes by the Sea. A new BBC Canada favorite.


Cheryl turns 49 tomorrow - Joan and I are taking her out for lunch. Then Lise coming in the afternoon to go over some things. Back to book 6 on Wednesday. Can hardly wait!

Speak tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

wondering what kind of birthday cake it was? and does Michael get to eat any?

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Janet, (If I may)

Well, that's actually a wonderful question. Two of the guests had food can't eat eggs the other can't eat flour. So our Janet, the chef, was left with a bit of a challenge. Create a birthday cake without either egg or flour.

Brilliant woman decided on a layer of homemade chocolate, then two layers of homemade ice cream and another layer of yummy chocolate.

So that's what we were eating. Michael initially said he didn't want any but I knew if I had some it would be a millisecond before he'd want one too - so I got him one and we ate happily (and without fighting).

Anonymous said...

ooh, sounds sinful! I wonder how long it lasted before it was all gone?