Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Escape to the Country

Mainly sunny, but some cloud and sprinkles, temps plus 3

Not too bad outside, but a little windy and it goes right through on these damp days. Fed the birds today - end of the seed, but we have another bag so will lug it to the garbage can we keep the bird seed in, against the raccoons.

Lots more writing today.

And responded to all the emails from the newsletter which went out this morning. So many lovely, thoughtful and kind comments about Maggie. And so many stories of people's owns beloved pets. I'm very grateful when people tell me how they've been through similar things in their lives. We're all connected.

Had a long bath and watched Escape to the Country - a BBC property show. Very relaxing.

Did 20 minutes on the ellitical machine. Once gary suggested listening to the iPod it made a huge difference. We're probably going to Knowlton for breakfast tomorrow...need to do some fine tuning on Michael's birthday dinner arrangements.

Packed, but good, days.


Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

Received the newsletter this morning and had to smile at your comment about the hungry bears and the tender humans. Puts me in mind of one of my life mottos: Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!

I am so excited reading about your progress on book #6. Can't wait to read #5 and love knowing that #6 is in the works and going so well.

London Kate said...

Lovely pics of Maggie in the newsletter, Louise - you can see what a happy life she had with you.

On a lighter note - can I just say how young and fab you look in that baseball cap!

Take care

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine,

Wonderful motto! I think, given that I'm 95% gummi bear I would just burst into flames if a dragon struck...not good. But I understand the life lesson - and laugh.

BTW - book 5 - THE BRUTAL TELLING - will be published this October everywhere (except following April, I think, in the UK) But it's coming out simultaneously in the US and Canada. Finally! Yay.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kate,

You're quite right - I. Look. Mahh-velous. Thank you for noticing!