Friday, 24 April 2009

Arthur Ellis nomination!

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Yaaaayy. THE MURDER STONE (A RULE AGAINST MURDER) has been shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis for best crime novel in Canada. It's a really strong list too. Linwood Barclay, Maureen Jennings, James W. Nichol and Michael Rose are also on it. Congratulations to everyone.

The nominations were announced last night across the country at different events. In Montreal it was done as part of a panel at the literary festival, Blue Metropolis. Anna Asimakopulos moderated and it was Giles Blunt and me. Then the nominations announced.

I'd practiced my, 'I'm so happy for all the nominees and don't care that I'm not one' face. It's a long face. Happily no one had to see it.

Then Nancy Grant, the regional Crime Writers of Canada VP, asked Michael to read the shortlist for the Best Unpublished Novel. What an honour...and he did it beautifully.

Another person I want to mention is Phyllis Smallman - she's shortlisted for Best First Crime Novel...she won the Best Unpublished a couple of years ago with her fab book, Marguarita Nights. Her second book is just coming out.

It's been aneventful couple of day...quite busy. Did the workshop in Lennoxville, then a signing at the University bookstore then a wonderful dinner with our friends Jim and Roya, then drove in to Montreal. Next day we ran around doing all sorts of things in preparation to move...then the panel last night.

We stopped at McDonalds on our way down to the country. Celebratory burger and fries. Talk about glamorous! But mightly yummy.

Got back to writing today...takes some time. Am off to write the May newsletter since I'll be gone for most of next week.

Oh, what a gorgeous day it is here...real spring...and tomorrow supposed to be up to 26 degrees! And Lise came today with Donna and they got the garden started. Wonderful.

Lots of reasons to celebrate.


Beth said...

Congratulations on the nomination--and thanks again for writing such a brilliant novel!

Jeanine said...

Congratulations, Louise. I am so pleased for you ... but hardly surprised! You earned it.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations. You deserve it. P.S. We are planning a trip to visit Bishops with Isabel in early June. I am looking forward to imaging your characters in their native setting.

Elizabeth said...

Oops! Make that "imagining". I've been proofreading for Bill all day (he has a deadline coming up with his publisher) and the spellcheck part of my brain must be worn out.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Ellis shorlist. Smile on my face. Always knew you would make it. It only amazes me that it took so long for judges to realize how good you really are. Not only that, but your books are consistently great. Really wish you to win.


lil Gluckstern said...

Yay Louise!!! Congratulations, now practice saying "thank you" and image that!

Jo B. said...

Yeah for did good! Thanks for taking time out to share your good times with us AND you have been busy!!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Again, a group response, but I'm afraid time is tight - though I have read all your comments and love them and bask in them...and am so grateful. Though must admit, Elizabeth, it's a good thing you're the editor since I read your first comment and never noticed the typo. Hope Bill makes his deadline - sure he will, especially with your support.

And thank you all, again. I just feel wonderful knowing you're there rooting.