Sunday, 5 April 2009

eternal spring

snow, windy, cold, temps minus 2

Not actually that cold, but below seasonable and, as you can see, cold enough to snow. Blech. It's that wet, heavy stuff - covering everything. If we can wait long enough it will melt - and fortunately we don't need to leave the house for a day or so.

This always happens, and will again I'm sure before the end of April. In THE CRUELEST MONTH I describe how unpredictable Easter is...not only is it the moveable feast, but you never know if we'll get daffodils in bloom or a snowstorm.

Yesterday all the ice left the pond, the frogs were calling, the ducks had returned. Pussy-willows were blooming, and by the birdfeeder, in the white garden, there were bluebells. The first flowers of spring.

Now under a couple of inches of snow.

But I'm amazed that, when the snow melts, they'll still be there, and still blooming.

What I don't learn from dogs I learn in my garden. The enternal spring.

Went to a wonderful party at Lise's home yesterday. it was a sort of tupperware thing, except for food. Perfect. there were about 15 of us and Lise had cooked up and storm and we sat, listened to the demonstration, then ate and chatted and ordered things. Such fun. And Lise is so wonderful...gracious, warm, nurturing, and smart.

Speak to you for breakfast then writing.


Lee Ann said...

Ya gotta love this season. Long ago, I lived in Chicago--the last Easter I was there we had an ice storm the day before and ended up slithering our way to church over an inch of ice. Palm Sunday, one week earlier, I had stood outside without a jacket to do one of the readings (I remember it being a bit brisk but definitely doable). Today I wore sandals, next week I'll probably be looking for my good boots. And I live several hundred miles south of you!

Lee Ann

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

You describe it perfectly! So unsettled. But when it's beautiful it's stunning. Nothing like spring after a long cold winter. Bliss