Saturday, 20 September 2008

What's that nice broach on your shoulder, Audi?

sunny, hot, beautiful

stunning summer day - in mid-September. An unexpected gift for this family reunion. Right now I'm (obviously) sitting at the computer, writing to you. I'm in the hotel room and the family's sitting around, some reading, some snacking on Nachos, most watching the Ryder Cup on television. We got a suite - as a personal indulgence (not for the first time, as Michael will readily tell you!). But it's turned out to be a fantastic choice. It's become the Grand Central Station for the family reunion - which we love.

It's wonderful to be with people we're so totally comfortable with. I just stepped out of a shower, and got in to my flannel pajamas, and didn't care what anyone thought. (Happily they were too riveted on the golf to care).

We're having a great time. Breakfast this morning downstairs at the hotel buffet. I remember loving buffets as a kid! it was such a treat. And it was fun to see Brian and Charlie feeling the same way. So excited by ordering fresh waffles, and watching the man make them - or an omelette. It was interesting to see what they chose.

Each had a huge waffle. Brian added a warm, sticky, cinnamon bun and bacon. Surprisingly, both also had big bowls of fruit.

We all split up after that. Uncle Rob and Sarah took Brian and Charlie to a Blue Jays baseball game, while Michael, Doug and I drove to the kids home to walk the dog and get Charlie's hockey gear.

We've just had a wonderful time together. Great, relaxed meals. Lots of kidding, a bird pooped on Audi, which we'll make sure she never forgets.

We've just ordered a pizza (or three). We were going to go out for dinner again, but realized we'd have a much more relaxed time just ordering in and enjoying ourselves. Never mind save about 200 dollars! We're cheap. But you don't want to say 'Cheap' around Audi or she'll think it's another bird.

Har dee har har.

Driving back to Montreal tomorrow. having dinner with friends. Will try to blog, but probably won't get a chance. Hope you've enjoyed the family reunion. So far, no tears. We'll see what happens when the anchovie, black olive and pepper pizza arrives.

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