Thursday, 4 September 2008


Mainly sunny, warm, temps 25

Not quite as hot as yesterday but still beautiful, and above average temp, which is about 21 celcius. Tomorrow is supposed to go up to 32 degrees! Which would be a record. But - we'll be in England. Ha. Where, according to the forecast, it's cool and rainy.

It's coming up for 6pm. Have the limo arriving at 6. We're in the Montreal apartment. Michael had a blood test this am (routine), then we came home here for a nap...and now heading to the airport. Thank God for the British Airways platinum card! We LOVE the BA first class lounge. Of course we don't actually fly first class. My dream is to get so successful the publishers fly us first - buy those books! It's such a good cause.

We fly economy or economy plus. This time it's economy but the travel agent managed to get us bulkhead, which has two advantages...way more legroom, and no one in front to lie down on top of you. But just noticed we've been moved - to regular seats. Oh, well. Dems da breaks. We'll always have the lounge.

Once in London we need to find the Heathrow Central Bus terminal and catch a bus to Cambridge (about 2 hour drive) - then find the flat we've rented right in the old city centre. Hoping to go for High Tea tomorrow afternoon at a teahouse Michael knows on the River Cam.

Here at home, I've signed up for Facebook. I have no idea why I did that, except I've been hearing so much about it and I think it might be a good tool. But, oddly, I'm the one who feels like a tool. After signing up, and getting a bunch of people requesting to be my friend, I have no idea what to do now.

I need help.

Was wondering if Cheryl and Gary's son, Evan, knows anything about Facebook and can come over when we get back and teach me. We have a friend who believes every computer should come with a four year old, to get it up and running. Happily, Evan is 17 and fun to be around - and he seems patient. But I guess we'll find out.

Toodle-oo. We have a very francophone neighbor who's adorable and she always says that to us. Thought I'd try it out.

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