Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's Wayning men - hallelujah

Sunny, hot, temps 30

Wow, is it ever great out. Beautiful day!

The only shade in the whole property is cast by the multitude of men who seem to have swarmed us. Gary brought John again, as well as Barry now to paint the house. Then Wayne showed up to cut the lawn. And an hour ago Christian and Steve arrived to work on the pool pump.

So much for naked swimming - at least ours. Though I live in hope one of them will be overcome by the heat and strip off. Will let you know.

Michael is much better - we're about to head into town for the dreaded hair cut. This afternoon I want to sit outside and take notes for editing book 5...things that have occured to me for helping set the atmosphere. Like the buzz of the cicadas. Always a sign summer is ending.

Must be off - laundry on the line, more to fold, packing to do. Pat and Tony will look after the dogs and house while we're in UK.

Now they're barking...more men, perhaps?

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