Thursday, 11 September 2008

Stewed prunes and stupid questions

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We had a marvelous time at Heffers last night. The authors write under the name Michael Gregorio. Husband and wife team. He's British, she's Italian and they live in Spoleto, Italy. they were extremely interesting and very funny. she was describing the rigors of writing together and said when they were editing their latest book she was certain her husband was afraid she was lurking behind the kitchen door with a knife.

I know for sure Michael and I could never write a book together. Too opinionated. (him, of course - I'm a saint)

Went to the Fellows Garden again today but it started raining, so we moved up our coffee with richard Reynolds at Heffers and showed up around 11am - for 'elevenses'. He was wonderful and left work so we could have a quiet time catching up. Lovely man. I was describing my humiliation at asking the former Master at Christ's College, 'so, what do you do?', and Richard told us a Noel coward story, of being at a dinner and seated next to a woman who looked extremely familar. All dinner Coward wracked his brains, trying to think there he knew her from. Finally, near the end of dinner, he decided the best thing was to simply say, 'And so what is your husband doing these days?' in hopes that would give him a clue.

Her answer?

'Still King.'

I felt much better.

Though, oddly, I didn't. I seem to have caught some little bug that gave me an upset stomach. to make matters worse, Michael and I had gone out for breakfast and I'd had stewed prunes. Love stewed prunes. But you can imagine the result.

We hurried home and I spent the afternoon in bed, dozing. Then woke up, Michael made us tea, and while he read his book I did another 50 pages or so of editing on book 5.

Feeling much better now and will put dinner on for both of us. wonderful to have a whole week here and not need to rush around all the time.

I'll speak to you tomorrow.

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