Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A hard frost and an easy life

sunny, perfect fall day, temps 17

We had a hard frost this morning. Walked the dogs around the pond in rubber boots - the mist rising from the warm pond into the chill air. The sun just up and the sky blue. Leaves are beginning to turn so it's still that wonderful mix of green and red and orange.

Gary's done an amazing job on the home. We'd been trying to get the painter to do it for 2 years but he kept putting us off. Finally we fired him and asked Gary - who hates to paint. He quoted comedian Steven Wright who said, 'It's a small world, but I'd hate to paint it.'

It must have felt to Gary and John as though they were painting the world at times. So much woodwork and trim. And because it hadn't been done in a while some of the wood was rotten.

Funny how things work out. Had the painter done it this spring he wouldn't have been able to do the carpentry - might have just painted over the rotten bits. But Gary could replace the spoiled stuff.

Had a lovely evening last night, eating fresh corn bought at a roadside stand (the last of the season the grower said) and watching National Treasure 2 - Book of Secrets. Loved it. Such fun.

Spent today doing laundry, opening and answering mail (Michael, dear soul, did the bills), and starting to put the edits from the hardcopy of book 5 onto the computer version.

We thought we'd have a quiet day but by 10am Deanna was vacuuming, Dwayne was working on ventilation ducts in the basement and Wayne was cutting the grass.

We're home.

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