Thursday, 25 September 2008

Deep six in Amazon

clouding over, lovely day, temps 16

Just clouding over now but for the morning it was stunning. What a gorgeous September we've had!

Went off to Knowlton with Michael for breakfast. Such fun having bowls of cafe au lait, scrambled eggs with melted brie and fresh herbs, and catching up with friends who kept dropping in for their own breakfast or coffee.

Had wonderful news today from the agent and publisher. The paperback version of THE CRUELLEST MONTH has gone into a second printing just a week or so after it's release. And it's a very big printing. So everyone's thrilled.

We're counting the days until the launch of THE MURDER STONE! I think it must be similar to the opening night of a play for the actors. You feel both excited and nauseous.

Just finished doing today's editing on book 5. Want to be finished in a week. Then print it out, give it to Michael and my brother to read, then - with luck - send it off to my agent in London.

Had a disconcerting email from a reader in the States who has ordered A RULE AGAINST MURDER - which is the US version of THE MURDER STONE. It's coming out in January. But has messed things up a little and is telling people A RULE AGAINST MURDER is no longer available. The publishers in NYC investigated and found out it was a glitch on Amazon's part. The good news is that Barnes and Noble website has it correct. And you can, of course, order it through your independent bookstore.

Need to write October's exciting one. And not forget the october giveway which has to do with Christ's College Cambridge.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Able Ponder said...


became a big fan of yours after stumbling across your first 2 books at the local library (i now own them!).

my husband (a vermonter) and i have been looking for a place to call home; we are in our twenties, have a baby girl, and are ready to find a farmhouse and settle down in a rural and tight-knit community...we were talking about where and somehow canada came up. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, so I surprised him when I said--I 'd live in Canada. Louise Penny's books talk about these wonderful villages with friendly people and great food and being outside a lot and neat old houses and that's why I love them.

we read up on the region after that and have both fallen in love, albeit long-distance.

we hope to visit in the spring to see what it's like in person.

but what a lovely way to fall in love with a place-- through your books!

Rebecca Rose said...

Hi Louise,

The description of your breakfast in Knowlton reminds me of the Bistro in the books. Was this an inspiration?

Can't wait for October 18th at Hovey Manor!

Best wishes,

Rebecca Rose

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Able,

Forgive me, but is that your real name? If so, it's wonderful! And I might have to steal it for a book. Would you mind?

And yes, it's lovely here. But I bet you and your husband would find a happy home anywhere! If I mkight suggest - Quebec is spectacular but you might want to check out Ontario too. There's a stunning old village - which also served as an inspiration for Three Pines and where I found a few of the characters (including Gabri!). It's called Elora. Lovely place.

I hope we meet one day. You sound wonderful.

With all good wishes to you, your husband and the little Ponder.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Rebecca Rose,

Yay - it will be such fun to see you there. And yes, the owner of the restuarant in Knowlton (overlooking the village green)gave me one of his menus to take dishes from. I actually haven't yet - but will in the next book.

The restuarant is called Cafe Floral for future reference.

see you soon!