Monday, 29 September 2008

Maggie's fine (not the Ruth FINE, happily)

dirzzle, mild, temps 18

Nice day - really more a Scotch mist than clings to the pine trees making them look a little fuzzy.

We drove to the vets this morning and the autumn leaves were so beautiful it almost hurt. This is a stunning year.

The great news is that Maggie was walking better this morning and the vet says she didn't do any more damage in yesterday's accident. He also gave us some new medication (more painkillers - yay). Apparently, though, they're for the dog.

Just finished the days editing pages. I really enjoy this stage in the process. No pressure - just relaxing mix of mechanical and creative.

Up to page 210 in a 265 page manuscript (single spaced). Hoping to finish by Thursday morning. We're off for our Cowansville breakfast tomorrow then an eye appointment for Michael...a spot suddenly opened up and they told us we could have it instead of waiting weeks. So we took it. Was supposed to have coffee tomorrow morning with people but had to re-schedule to 2pm in the afternoon. Hope they get the message. I've sat in cafe's and restaurants waiting for people who never show - as has everyone. Not a good feeling. Of course, I always think it's my fault. Wrong time, wrong location. Gets unnerving. Happily now I always have a notebook, so I don't actually care.

Am off - take puppies around the pond and make lunch for the two of us. Such a relief about Maggie. Dear one.

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