Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Intelligent woman with a cold

sunny, warm - almost hot, temps 22

Stunning day. Funny, but this never gets boring. Michael and I sat on the screen porch for breakfast and wondered, yet again, at our good luck.

Edited more of the book. I'll be at it for a while. But yesterday I finally had the courage to change the beginning. I had an opening I loved - but I knew deep down it just didn't fit. I really struggled with it...but finally capitulated. So yesterday I wrote a new opening and guess what? I like it even more. And it actually works.

Have a cold. Have had it for a few days, actually. A deep, rumbling cough. Smoker's cough - though thankfully I gave those up years ago. Cough sounds worse than I feel.

But I was reminded of Mary Jane Maffini's great response when asked who she thinks reads her books....'Intelligent women with colds.'

I might take to a bath a read a great mystery - perhaps one of Mary Jane's terrific books.

Speak to you tomorrow! Hope you're well.

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