Friday, 19 September 2008

reunion - with Mom and Dad, Papa and Mama

sunny, cool in the shade, but warm in the sun

Quite a nice day, but have the wrong clothes! Got tired of lugging the suitcase everywhere so just before we left Montreal on Tuesday morning I took a bunch of clothes out of my suitcase, dumped them into a canvas bag and decided that was good enough. Seems bringing to bear that sort of judgement doesn't exactly work. Not enough socks, no skirt, one sweater. Completely forgot my jewelery case. Oh well.

I've learned the four most important things that must NOT be forgotten when traveling are:

1) Michael
2) passport
3) plane tickets
4) tweezers

Everything else is just icing.

My older brother Rob, his wife Audi and their youngest child (now 23) Sarah - all from Edmonton -came over to our hotel for drinks, hors d'oeuvers, and dinner last night - but we ate so many nibblies no one was hungry. Had a great time and chance to get caught up.

This morning youngest brother Doug, met us all in the lobby of the hotel and we went out for breakfast - then we headed out to visit (at Sarah's suggestion - kind young woman) our mother's grave. Spent an embarrassing half hour driving around and around the cemetary, not sure where the grave was. I was pleased we were at least in the right cemetary. As you might gather we don't visit often. No reflection on how much we loved our mother - more a reflection of our beliefs that her body's gone and what matters is with us always. Still, it was nice to visit - and felt very good to actually find her.

In fact, before she was interred (and after she'd been cremated) Michael and I took some of the ashes and spread them into the elder bush on the island in our pond. The elder bush is supposed to be ancient and a symbol of wisdom. I'm sorry to say dumping ashes on it didn't do it any good and it all but died itself, only coming back in the last year or so. Now it's flourishing. And I think of my mother when we see its strong limbs and green leaves.

Then Audi, Sarah and I went shopping while the guys went about their own business - mostly to rest.

It's a fun family reunion - and how wonderful to genuinely love my family. And see the joy Michael gets from them. And how much affection and love they have for him.

Doug found an old photo album we didn't realize our mother had put together. Rob and his kids will get it, but for now it's in our hotel room and everyone's coming over in about half an hour for a drink and to go over it. I've already snuck a peek. Very touching to see our mother and father so young. And see the care they showered on us. The parties, the vacations. To see our grandparents again.

Must be off - have to get some hors d'oeuvers otherwise the love might evaporate. Speak to you all tomorrow. Doug's kids Brian, Roslyn and Charlie arrive tonight.

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