Saturday, 12 April 2008

Ste Louise, martyred among the Meringue

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What a day - bright sun this morning then it suddenly clouded over and there was a thunder storm so sudden and violent it produced hail. Then did it again an hour later. But April's like that. I believe it's sometimes called The Cruellest Month...and sometimes The Cruelest Month.

We're having the most marvelous (or marvellous) day. Like the obsessive that I am I originally was going to write all day...looking ahead the next two weeks are packed with events and getting even busier each time I look at the emails - and I really want to make inroads into the book. We had nothing scheduled for today so I thought, great - I'll write.

But this is Saturday - market day. So after quite a ridiculous inner struggle I finally stumbled upon my good sense (cowering in a corner, comfort eating) and gave it up. I realized that a few months from now I'm never going to remember, or care, whether I finish the book mid-April or mid-May. It'll certainly get done. I won't miss a days writing here or there. But sure would miss a great day in London!

Michael agreed, so off we went for breakfast in the Duke of York Square (surrounded by yelling kids who seemed to break orange juice glasses at will - I'm begining to think it's either the same pack of children, or it's karmic, or both). Then we went to the market, but being so full of eggs and bacon and cafe au lait we simply waddled and looked.

On our way down we'd passed a shop called Baker and Spice. It looked great, so on the way back we stopped in...Dear Lord, it was packed to the rafters with baking. We bought a lemon cake, a cinnamon bun and a large meringue. It has become our church, a blessed place to worship. We plan to visit tomorrow, Sunday, to show our devotion.

Then up to the Brompton Road to buy the Saturday Times and Daily Telegraph. We were back home before the storms, and in time to put in a few hours writing anyway...fueled by cafe au lait and meringue!

Becky, the publicist at Headline, wrote to say I have a TV interview on Wednesday. Got all excited until I realized it was with Borders the store, not Richard and Judy (the UK equivalent of Oprah). But, upon thinking about it ( and re-reading the message more slowly) I realized this was great. The interview is with someone who has actually read the book - quite an advantage - and will be sent out to tens of thousands of subscribers who actually want to read books and aren't just waiting for the interview with Jennifer Lopez. (as I normally am) Becky's email specifically requested I not wear spots. Just wait until she goes through menopause and see how hard it is to not have spots! She said nothing about a moustache, but I might shave it off anyway. I have, by the wait, figured out why we women grow our's so we can saw our way into the ridiculously packaged Midol pills.

And, more terrific news, The Cruelest Month has been chosen by DeadReader to be the Fiction selection for this coming week. This is huge because it goes to tens of thousands of mostly Americans who have subscribed. It's interesting that Suzanne Beecher, who runs DearReader would put it in the fiction section and not the mystery section. She also asked me to be their author forum guest next week. I said yes, of course. But between us? Our computer isn't working all that well for emails, and neither is the BlackBerry, so God knows what will happen. Might be a fiasco. But how could I say no?

If it all goes pear shaped, I'll blame Michael. It's good to have a plan.

Tomorrow is another quiet day - no plans (beyond practicing blaming Michael) - though we want to watch the soccer match and then the final round of the Masters. But will probably be in bed.

Take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow from Our Lady of the Carbs cathedral.


Hilary said...

"DeadReader" being the crime supplement of "DearReader"?! Beautiful typo.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Hilary,

Oh Dear did I do that? Am laughing so hard I can hardly type.


Anonymous said...

Louise, I was wondering about the "Freudian" slip of the dead readers as well. LOL You did say that you thought it was strange to be in regular fic and not mystery. Again, LOL. Am vicariously enjoying your lovely trip across the pond and do you think you could have pictures of the bakery shop goodies?? Just kidding. Have a wonderful weekend. From one of your "dead" readers....

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Can't believe I did that! So glad I have readers who have a sense of humour.

And delighted you're enjoying London with me - as I've enjoyed Texas and the bluebells with you!


Larry Marshall said...

Wow...if that's the Borders Book Club interview series you're doing I can't wait for it to be posted. These guys do the best online author interviews around. I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes right now, largely because of her Borders Interview.

If it snows much more I'm going to be a Dead Reader :-)

Cheers --- Larry

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Larry,

Thanks for the info - I think it is the borders book club - but the UK version. Not sure if it gets sent to NA readers - and probably not to Dead ones!

Blech, and you telling me it's snowing in Quebec City?

Will send hot air your way. Courage, mon ami.


Larry Marshall said...

I went surfing and while I could find a Borders UK site, the equivalent of in the US, I could find only one "Borders Book Club" site so I'm hoping we'll see you there. In any case, let us know.

As for that snow thing, we had a veritable tempete Saturday morning but by mid-day it became a slush storm and nothing accumulated in the end. So, you and Michael CAN come back :-)

Cheers --- Larry