Friday, 25 April 2008

Malice Domestic

Sunny, hot, highs 80

Gorgeous outside. Very nice inside too. The conference Malice Domestic has started, though the first day is always a little quiet. Had a nice buffet breakfast - meeting lots of people we know from last year and from other mystery conferences like Bouchercon.

It's great to ease into it. I always feel shy at first. But as the day goes on I feel more and more comfortable. I think it's about belonging.

They do a thing here called Malice-go-round - there are 15 tables of 10 seats. First time authors each sit at a table with 9 readers/fans. They have 3 minutes to tell the people at the table about their book - then they move to the next table. I did it last year when Still Life was just out in the States. Very exhausting and intimidating.

This year I went as a 'reader' - to support the new authors. It is so moving to be part of their excitement. And there are a lot of very talented new writers out there.

Then they did a Malice-go-round for the other veteran authors like me. So for two hours we did the rounds of the tables - 3 minutes at a time. Introducing ourselves and talking about our books.

Quite exhausting, but exciting and invigorating too.

Now we're on a quiet time - a two hour break in our room to read the programme and make plans. Actually, we have to rush out now for the official opening ceremonies. they'll be introducing the Agatha nominees. Thrilled to be among them!!!

tomorrow is an early day - there's a new authors breakfast. I did that last year too - so it's nice to go and support this years new crop.

Speak to you tomorrow!

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