Sunday, 13 April 2008

On the masters, the marathon, and missing 's'sssss

sunny, rainy, cloudy, hail - you name it.

Had a wonderful day yesterday - stayed up until about 1am watching the Masters. Immelman hanging on - Tiger 5 back. Very exciting. The BBC commentators are a riot talking about a players 'wee wink.' And gently insulting each other. Very funny.

Slept late - something we can never do at home - dogs won't let us.

Wrote for a few hours - decided after much consultation, not to go in the London Marathon, but carbed up, just in case we changed our minds.

The 's' isn't working right on my laptop. It's really old, a war-horse. And I love it. Most the letters have been rubbed off - and now the 's' isn't working. I have to pound it. So it book 5 doesn't have many plurals, or posessives, you'll know why.

Must run. We've decided to go out for lunch, take a break. hope it doesn't hail on us.

Talk tomorrow if not before. Hope this finds you well.

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