Saturday, 26 April 2008

The spirit of Agatha Christie

sunny, hot, highs 80

stunning day in washington, again. Michael and I went for a walk outside - first time outside in two days! lovely. Met Julia Spencer-Fleming - a terrific writer who has a new book out in June. I'll be giving away 6 signed Advanced Review Copies for her latest - through the newsletter. If you haven't signed up for it yet, you might want to. It'll be the May edition.

Having a fun day. Just got back from lunch with hope Dellon - my editor at St Martin's Minotaur. Went to a tapas restaurant. I'm not all that familiar with Spanish cuisine so this was a treat. It also gave us another walk outside. Bliss.

This morning Michael and I went to the new authors breakfast here at Malice Domestic. Each author is interviewed by the MC for about 3 minutes. I remember doing it last year. Very scary. There must be 250 people in the room - that alone is enough to make you want to throw up - but then also needing to make sense and only having a few minutes. I have such respect for these authors who did such a great job.

Then at 9am I had the panel for the writers nominated for the Agatha for Best Novel. Also on the panel were:

Donna Andrews
Rhys Bowen
Margaret Maron

Elaine Viets would have been but she couldn't make the conference.

And moi.

Amazing company. Tonight is the bnaquet - and I completely expect to applaud when someone else's name is called. And you know, I'm just fine with that. I'd love to win an Agatha - but I genuinely will be happy no matter who wins. There have been awards I've been up for where I kinda thought maybe I should/could win. But not this one. This one I'm just delighted to have been on the shortlist.

Tonight lots of authors have been asked to host a table of 10. I'll be doing one - and my fabulous and attractive assistant Lise worked hard to design and get mugs for everyone at our table. But at the last minute the company said they'd be late! poor lise. After I finished whipping her we decided to give everyone signed copies of STILL LIFE and a small box of handmade chocolates from Muriel's Maison du Chocolat in the village I live in. Some of you might remember there's also - by sheer co-incidence - a Muriel's Maison du Chocolat in the books! What are the chances?

So I'll let you know how it goes tonight. And thanks to all the people who sent good wishes - I really appreciate it!

We head back to Montreal tomorrow morning so I'll probably write tomorrow afternoon.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Louise, I'm sure by the time you read this the banquet and awards will be over. My best wishes to you. Many great authors are nominated.

How lovely to meet Julia Spencer-Fleming. I love her books. Actually, I would have loved to hear the panel you were on. Love all those ladies books. They are all on my must-buy/must-read list. Ah, I love mysteries!

Larry Marshall said...

Did'ja win (grin)?

I've only recently discovered Julia Spencer-Fleming and her character Clare Ferguson. I suppose that's an function of my living under a mossy rock.

I read the first one and found Clare to be such a compelling character that I immediately bought all of the others. It's good to hear that she will have a new one 'real soon' as I have no Louise Penny books to read right now.

Cheers --- Larry

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you! In my excitement I forgot to check the messages. Thankl you SO much for your stout and constant support. It means a great deal. And I'm thrilled you know Julia's work. She's brilliant a real treasure. and her new book is getting fantastic buzz in the industry. A must read.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Larry,

I WON!!! Mwahaha. Such fun.

And, as I just said to Kay - Julia Spencer-Fleming is brilliant. I'm thrilled you know her, and like her books. Hard not to love them, really.

Thank you, Larry, for your huge heart!