Friday, 18 April 2008


Sunny, cool, temps 9

We're now in an English village called Eye. Not kidding - that's it's name. Gets less silly the more you say it. And see it. It's gorgeous. Picture-postcard stuff. Very old church, timbered and thatched cottages, tea rooms and bakeries. Wonderful.

We're here visiting two of Michael's oldest friends from his Cambridge days...John and Moira Buxton. They came to Cambridge yesterday to see my event at Heffer's bookstore, which is a massive independent bookstore in the city. It was a literary lunch, put on by Heffers and organized by Ruchard Reynolds, the head of the bookstore. Brian Freeman was there as well. When we arrived we were shown into the basement of the store, through storerooms and down corridors and past a dark and dingy lunchroom. Had I been alone I'd have been quite frightened. And finally we were shown into what looked like a boiler room - with sandwiches. It was quite hysterical, and very Cambridge, according to Michael. Very relaxed, almost under-whelming - and the more casual it appeared the more important the place. Heffers does not try to impress - it doesn't have to.

We had the best time. It was very fun, and funny. Helped along by the presence of one Mike Ripley, let out on day parole I believe. He's a fellow author and critic and extremely well respected not simply for his drinking, but his opinion. He came, and insisted on describing this part of Heffers as Mordor.

After the literary lunch, when we escaped the tunnels of Mordor and bought Mike's books John and Moira fdrove us back here to Eye. Spent today here as well - relaxing, getting caught up, being driven to neighboring villages each more charming than the last. Going into antique shops and tea rooms and public gardens.

However - it isn't warm. I still have my long underwear on! Lise wrote to say it's 26 degrees celcius in Sutton!!! It's about 8 degrees here.

Tomorrow we're back to London. Hoping to get back by noon then have a massage. And writing on Sunday.

That's all I want to do. Feel so badly because two kinder people would be hard to find than John and Moira - and I am enjoying their company so much - and Michael is adoring it. But a part of me just wants to get back and sit down and write, write, write.

Must learn to live in the day. Ohhmmm.

Talk to you tomorrow. From the leaded glass and mullioned window of John's study as I write this I see the parapets of a ruined castle, an ancient grave yard in front of the church, and chimney pots. Lovely.


Elizabeth said...

FYI, in Ottawa today my VW's exterior air thermometer registered 80 degrees F!!! And MacKay Lake just a five minute walk from the house is still covered in ice. Very strange.

Kay said...

I think I will never talk about my weather until summer when it is blisteringly hot. Then I will complain. Lovely here today.

What word pictures you gave us of your trip to "Mordor" and beyond. Again, living vicariously here. How many sets of long underwear did you take??

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth and Kay,

Great to hear from you. We're back in London now. Fire on in the living room and off to have a shower - to get warm, not clean.
We brought a pair each and had we brought more long underwear I'm sure we could have sold them for huge profit.
Glad to hear it's sunny and warm in Ottawa. Something to look forward to!

Take care,