Thursday, 10 April 2008

Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

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It's Michael's birthday!!! Thank you to all of you who've already sent birthday wishes - that is SO kind. I know Michael appreciates it, his face lights up. And I know for sure I do. No Michael, no books. Because of his support and his inspiration. His patience. His amazing ability to be happy for me (not every husband would). He's the framework for Gamache. Stronge enough to be vulnerable, brave enough to admit when he's wrong (and I'm right!). He's joyous even though his work was heartbreaking. Wise and funny and kind.

And today's his day.

First thing we headed off to Tom's Kitchen (we're nothing if not predictable) for breakfast. Large cappuccinos and for the birthday boy a full English breakfast which means - wait for it - fried bread, two eggs (yokes almost amber), bacon, sausage, blood sausage, grilled mushrooms, poached tomatoes and baked beans.

That was one happy guy.

Then we walked to Sloane Square to visit his sister Carol and David.

Then onto the 360 bus for the Tate Britain, which is the 'official' museum for great British art (though there are some works by other artists too). We immediately got on the ferry down the Thames and that took us to the Tate Modern, which has been open a few years. WONDERFUL boat trip - past St Pauls and Big Ben and the Parliament. Stunning.

We toured the Tate Modern (exactly as it sounds - houses modern works of art) It was very exciting. As you know, I write a great deal about art, but depend upon Michael and friends to help me. I don't know a lot about it, but I listen very well. And while I'm not necessarily the most rational person, I am intuitive. I think that helps with all art, and perhaps especially modern art.

Michael was just in bliss. He's a true scientist - always marvelling at the world. Wondering, questioning, taking it all in. But he's also a gifted artist himself. So he was thrilled to see so much modern art.

Then back onto the boat, back to the Tate Britain...a cup of tea and shared sandwich - then into the William Blake exhibit.

Then home, via the Boots pharmacy and the Waitrose grocery store on the Kings Road.

A couple hours to relax then we're off back to Carol and David's for a birthday dinner. They've asked another Canadian couple - the Hampsons. Those of you in Canada might know their daughter, Sarah. She does The Hampson Interview in the Globe and Mail.

But need to be home by midnight because I'm doing a call-in to a book club in North Conway, New Hampshire. Actually, it's about 12:30 am - for about 20 minutes.

Long day - and just the MOST fun. Can't tell you how wonderful it is to give a man who gives me so much, one very special day.

Oh, and we woke up to great news - Gary has emerged from our basement and is putting the support beam in our living room at home. Have asked him to also install a conveyor belt to run through the kitchen, into the living room past the fireplace then upstairs to the bathtub...ala 'No' restaurant in Harvey Nichols. Can stock it with pastries. Can you imagine?

Go Gary!

Take care of yourselves and I'll write again tomorrow.


Jody said...

Happy Birthday, Michael! Louise, I love reading your blog. My best to you both.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jody,

Thank you! This is so kind of you. And Michael, sitting doing Sudoku after a long and happy birthday, says thank you too.


Hilary said...

Happy Birthday, Michael. You can have my blood sausage.

Louise Penny Author said...

Thank you, Jodi and Hilary.
I had a splendid birthday and managed to eat much of my full Englieh breakfast, leaving only most of the beans and blood sausage. And the fun just kept on and on!