Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Our last day in London

cloudy, mild, temps 13

Seems an unsettled day here in London - go figure. Not at all sure what to wear. Probably way overdressed...perhaps I'll leave the tiara at home. Made out of flannel anyway.

We're off for breakfast at Tom's Kitchen, just off Chelsea Green. About a 15 minute walk. Then we might go to the Natural History Museum. We were there in our first week but it was school break and insane with kids. There's a show on about the Antarctic Michael's dying to see so we thought that would be fun.

Then Michael's having lunch with his sister Carol at a place called Papillion on Draycott Terrace/Place/Avenue/Court/Street/Mews/Road. I'll tell you, that's the most difficult thing about London - there are only about 10 'first' names for streets, but their 'last' names go on forever. You can't just say, 'It's on Draycott' - because it will take the person the rest of their lives to go through all the possibilities.

In Quebec we have something similar, but it's for restaurants. If you want to call for a reservation and need to look up the number, well, you'll starve to death. It might just be Papillion. Or it could be Le Papillion, or Restaurant Papillion, or Bistro Papillion or Resto-Bar Papillion or some other creative option.

All this to say Michael's chances of finding his sister for lunch are pretty small. I'll get him to pack a lunch.

I'm meeting my editor Sherise and agent Teresa for lunch. Teresa's choosing the place after my disasterous choice for dinner the other night.

Then this afternoon we pack up. God knows how we'll get the stuff in. Had a funny email from Susan asking us to find and bring home Marks and Spencer's Shrimp Crisps. Which we're happy to do but I think our socks will be crushed can't begin to image what shape the shrimp poptato chips will be in. Dust.

Must be off - Michael just appeared. Very handsome in his new spring outfit. But I'm in cashmere turtleneck and blazer. We're going to the same place but in different seasons. I think I might change.

Not sure if I'll have time to blog tomorrow either from here or Washington, but will try. If not I want to thank you for being such great traveling companions!


Hilary said...

It's been a great visit to London.

Thank you!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Hilary,

So glad you enjoyed it. Washington should be fun too! Then we go on a diet.