Monday, 28 April 2008

Russell or bust

Mainly Sunny, mild, highs 17

Am once again in black cashmere turtleneck sweater. But at least have ditched the longjohns. I think I need to change again. Michael and I are off to Cora's for breakfast, then we jump in the car and head to a small village just south of Ottawa for an event at the local library tonight. A nice woman named Helene Quesnel contacted me months ago and I was so impressed by them I happily agreed to go to their library as part of their celebration of literacy.

If you live in the Ottawa area (short notice I know) I'll be at the Russell Library at 7:30.

It's about a 2 or 3 hour drive for us from Montreal. Michael and I debated staying overnight...the library people were very kind about offering that but we've been away from our bed so long we just yearn for it - so we'll drive home tonight. Should get back by midnight or so.

Tomorrow evening we'll be at the Atwater Libary in Montreal to celebrate the Crime Writers of Canada and the announcement of the Arthur Ellis nominations for this year. We were among the judges for the Best First Novel competition.

There will be lots of great crime writers and reviewers at the Atwater tomorrow night. Please come it you're in Montreal. The event starts at 7pm.

Michael Blair, Robert Landori, NAT Grant will all be there...but the highlight for me is Jim Napier. He's the crime reviewer for the Sherbrooke Record - he taught crime writing for many years - he's an accomplished mystery writer himself and a really smart, astute guy. He'll be giving a talk on what makes a winning novel. Shouldn"t be missed.

Se, we're off to breakfast. I find it easiest to get through the days with equanimity if I break them down into 'bite-sized' pieces. Not look at the gazillion things to do, just at the thing I'm doing, and the next thing. That's it. Then I'm happy and not overwhelmed. And I enjoy the day.

Doesn't always work, as those of you who read the blog regularly know. But today, so far so good.

Speak tomorrow. Michael sends his best!


donna said...

Hi Louise: Missed you for a few days so just caught up on your wonderful news! Winning the Agatha - just like the Academy Award! Actually I am not surprised as when you first announced as I am familiar with all but one of the others and I really feel your writing is far superior. Now when I discuss books with friends I can boast that I have actually met an Agatha Award winner. By the way, our weather has turned ugly today - 46 degrees this morning and tons of rain so you are not alone. All the best to you, Donna

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

I will always remember you're truly beautiful face at the event in Connecticut in March. I thought that was so kind of you to come. And I saw Rosemary Harris at Malice Domestic. Her wonderful book is Pushing Daisies and is doing very well. She was on the IMBA bestseller's list last month.

Thank you, Donna for being so constant and for walking the walk.