Saturday, 26 April 2008

Oh, my Gooooooood

Five to eleven - Saturday night

I won!!!!!


Kay said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am not surprised. It is much deserved!

Jun, Doo-chan said...

Congratulations, Louise!! You are new hero in Traditional Mystery field!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm sure that it's an added honour that your homage won the award that is itself a homage. Fitting and appropriate, as though life actually had some sort of order to it. Some writer indeed! phil g-m

Liz said...

Oh well done Louise! Congratulations - you've done us proud and are a continued source of inspiration!

aka Jamie Tremain

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Well, my friend - I feel you've been with me when no one else knew about the series - so in many ways it's OUR celebration. Though I'll keep the teapot award!

Thank you -


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jun, Doo-Chan,

I don't want to sound a note of false modesty but I really am genuinely amazed - and more than a little thrilled! Thank you for being SO kind!


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Phil,

Hello, my Vermont pal. To actually have something in honour of Agatha - who kept me compnmay through dark days and sunny summer days is just incredible. You put it so well. Thank you.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dearest Liz,

Thank you, my dear. I feel as though I have another family through keeping this blog - and your company as life moves along. More than any award, it feels great not to be alone.

Thanks Liz - aka Jamie!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I absolutely loved all three of your books. Congratulations!!


Elizabeth said...

WOW!!! I'm not at all surprised. Very,very much deserved.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Sharon,

Thank you!!! I'm so pleased I'm actually a little embarrassed by how pleased I am!


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for writing, and your wonderful support.

You told me about Isabel and her love of Lindsey Davis - the guest of honour at Malice Domestic. Well, I asked Lindsey to autograph a book for Isabel and I have it with me. Would like to send it to you/her. Can you contact me at: with a way of getting it to you?

Thank you.