Monday, 31 January 2011

Pen out of ink

sunny and minus a bazillion (approx)

So cold there was ice fog on the way in to Cowansville this morning. It was actually minus 25. Not quite as cold as last monday when it got down below minus 30.

We're having one of those days where nothing is easy. No big problem, but things that should be easy just aren't. And it becomes cumulative. A headlight is out in the beetle. Small thing. So off we went to Cowansville to have it fixed and the mechanic (who was doing us a huge favour fitting us in) could get one headlight out, but not the one that actually needed replacing.

So we have to head an hour away to the dealership in Sherbrooke Thursday at 7:15am to get it fixed before we leave.

Really, the things are so miniscule they're hardly worth mentioning, but they become simply tiny irritants. Like being out of milk. Or using the last piece of paper towel. Picking up a pen and its out of ink. The blackberry suddenly won't receive messages. One of the speakers in the stereo keeps blanking out. The woodbox needs refilling.

Funny, I was just talking to Teresa, my agent in London and she's having exactly the same day. Things that could take one step suddenly take three. Everything's empty at once. Everything breaks at once.

We agreed when that happens the important thing is to take a step back, take a deep breath and get a grip. I find in my life I can generally handle the big things well - but give me a mountain of tiny irritants and I'm liable to go over the deep end. And take as many people with me as I can!

Oddly, writing it down helps. Gives me perspective.

Now you know my dirty little secret. The blog is my therapy. My personal diary. My comfort on cold days.

Thanks for listening - please don't bill me. Besides, the pen's out of ink and I can't find the cheque book. And don't even get me started on stamps.

Hope your day's going smoothly!


Margaret J. McMaster said...

I sympathize, Louise. All of my appliances are failing at the same time. It's annoying. Anyway, this may help as far as your Blackberry goes:

Liz said...

You sound a little like my husband, who is a big idea person but tends to be impatient (sometimes to the point of childishness in his case) over the little details of life. Fortunately for him, I long ago gave up my legal career to focus on being the detail person for the family. Still, it can be frustrating when even the easy things are made difficult!

Deryn said...

Time for a holiday Louise! We can't wait. Hope you can fit us all in the suitcase in the Beetle!

VTSlajer said...

Louise, I can feel your pain - been there, done that, all too often. But remember: This too shall pass!

Miss Diane said...

Courage Louise, janvier achève, février sera mieux, enfin je l'espère, pour nous deux! Je passe aussi un mauvais moment mais j'ai bon espoir que tout s'arrange sous peu!

Darlene in near frozen Vancouver said...

I always start to lose it before a major event, such as your holiday. Bits and pieces always go haywire. Sorry to cliche (can cliche be a verb?) but: It's always darkest before the dawn. Dawn in St. Lucia.

There's an expression I'm seeing everywhere now: Be calm and carry on. Ha! What do they know? But, yes, this too shall pass.

Diane said...

Irritants, like sand on the pearl, will polish the beach side chalet to perfection. Enjoy your break away and come back to us safe and sound.

Donna K Wisc. said...

A little off topic,but what else is new? I felt compelled to tell you who it is now that you remind me of, or should I say that THAT famous person reminds me of you.

Drum roll please..

It's- Meryl Streep. Yes, that wonderful bone facial bone structure..and I know you will look great in your suit. I bought my first 'old person' (?) suit with the little skirt.but I'm short and I fear the skirt is too long. I feel like one of the Ziegfield (?) girls from the 40's--but this too will pass.especially after a bloody maryor two on our vacation soon..not to mention swim-up can drink with the top half of your body submerged in water...cheers. take care, Donna
Take care. Donna

But..seriously..congratualations on all the awards..

you and Michael can have a reality show..

Donna K said...

Correction Louise:

I meant to say 'with my bottom half of my body submerged'--a very important distinction. bottoms up!
i mean..down.

mary said...

Where are you staying on St. Lucia. We stayed at Anse Chastanet. Very relaxing. If you don't have a beach room, you'll get your exercise walking up and down from your room.

We are expecting a blizzard here in SE Michigan in an hour or so. I'm looking forward to a snow day tomorrow. Hopefully nothing breaks, like the electricity, during the storm.

Louise Penny Author said...

hi all,

Love to hear how your days are going! Yes, I too am not a very good detail person. Impatient, I'm afraid. Whereas Michael is wonderful with details. We're the classic tortoise and hare couple. And yes, it will all fade once in St Lucia. Yay.