Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Edgar nominations

light snow, mild, gentle winter day temps, minus 3

The Mystery Writers of America announced their Edgar nominations today. I have to admit, I dared harbor a hope that BURY YOUR DEAD would be on the list. But it wasn't.

This doesn't in any way mean I'm upset about the books and authors who are nominated. Just the opposite. I'm very happy for them because I know how they must be feeling. How thrilled they must be.

Congratulations to the Best Novel nominees-

Harlan Coben - Caught
Tom Franklin - Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
Tana French - Faithful Place
Timothy Hallinan - The Queen of Patpong
Steve Hamilton - The Lock Artist
Laura Lippman - I'd Know You Anywhere


bgpringle said...

I would certainly have put BURY YOUR DEAD on that list - but what do I know?

lil Gluckstern said...

Oh, Louise, I agree with Bev. I would have put your book on the list too. There are some I agree with, and some I don't, oh well. Hope your weather has leveled out some.


Dana said...

Congratulations to the nominees, and shame on the Mystery Writers Assoc for missing one of the best books (never mind mystery) of the year. I will put my faith in The Agathas when choosing what to read.

But to share some good news - I have a brand new grand-daughter today, so can't rant for too long. Welcome to Samantha Joy Apoline.

Leinda said...

I've read 3 of the books on the list. They are very good books, but they don't hold a candle to Bury Your Dead. I'm totally disappointed in the Mystery Writers Association.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Your books are entertaining, funny and very intelligent, and I guess it's okay to let someone else win an award now and then... I admire you for posting the link. Classy as always!

Marni said...

Regina is right--you are one classy lady! And with a classy, wonderful book. French and Lippman's books were both good but yours is different for so many (wonderful) reasons~

Tall Pines Pottery said...

Louise, I know your work is a much more compelling read than many on the list! Can't wait for the next one!

Margie said...

They missed the boat on this one.
Think it's the best book I read last year.
I've read a couple of the other nominations--sadly lacking, when compared to yours.

Linda said...

As we all know, Bury Your Dead is a great book, and I'm patiently ? waiting for the next one. Can't wait to get back to Clara and her art. If you never won any award, I would still love them all. And tell everyone to read them.
Now, if it would just STOP SNOWING...!

Dana said...

You are right, Linda. Now that I have calmed down I agree. The lack of awards would never keep me away from Louise's books. I feel fortunate to have "discovered" them. It is the Edgars loss, and unfortunately the loss for many readers who look to this association for recommendations. denied the opportunity to do this.

Darlene in rainy Vancouver said...

Like Dana, I think that's shameful, too. I thought after the ALA making it the mystery of 2010 it would be a shoe-in. So near and yet ...

Well, there's next year, right, and in the meantime, it is still a fabulous book!

Diane said...

MWA missed out and you, as always, are very gracious. The publishing, book writing,and award giving world, is difficult to comprehend sometimes. There are those works full of merit that wait years to be published and I'm sure there are worthy manuscripts that haven't yet seen the light of day. Go figure! Anyway, we can rejoice that your award winning works have seen the light of day and may blushes be on the faces who missed out on Bury Your Dead.

Robin Agnew said...

I'm AMAZED they didn't nominate BURY YOUR DEAD, but the Edgar noms always exasperate me. I have a personal "Hall of Shame" - books that were nominated and didn't win, and books that weren't nominated at all and should have been (MYSTIC RIVER anyone?) I may publish it in my blog next week because I'm always so annoyed. There are 2 books on this list that don't belong at all, IMHO.

JeffB said...

The books nominated are all good books, but yours is the match for any of them; I had hoped 'Bury Your Dead' would have been included!

Robin Agnew said...

OK, people, here's a quick list of my Edgar "missteps" (just my opinion, of course):
- Aaron Elkins beats ELIZABETH GEORGE for Best First Novel
-Robert Crais' LA REQUIEM did not win
-Val McDermid's PLACE OF EXECUTION did not win
-in the True Crime category, ANN RULE, the best true crime writer EVER, has never won
-First novels not nominated: IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER, Julia Spencer-Fleming; STILL LIFE by our friend Louise; IRON LAKE by William Kent Krueger. To me those are some of the best first novels of the past decade.
The Edgars are often a collection of books by men, dark or foreign books, or books the judges feel are "literary" but still are "almost" a mystery. There is one on this particular list. And I've talked to people who have judged different categories, as far as I can tell a sort of "group think" takes over. It STILL doesn't explain MYSTIC RIVER not even being nominated, which fits every category: male, dark, AND literary.
I guess the lesson is: wait for the Anthony Nominations! BURY YOUR DEAD is sure to be on that list.

Sandra said...

You were robbed.

Donna K Wisconsin said...

It was good to read Robin's input about the criteria..very informative.
It lends more understanding knowing that there are just some nuts you can't crack.(no criticism nor puns intended)Your books combine so much warmth,characterization, mystery, human inspired themes..sensitivity..they stand high above most if not all.(in my opinion)
Donna K. Wisconsin

edith said...

Louise, I recommend your books to my mystery reading friends and to my reading friends. I have gotten many "thank you" comments. Please know that you have given us hours of reading pleasure, hours of reflections. Thank you. Whether you are nominated for a particular prize or not, you are a real gem!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hello to all of you - I have read (and re-read) your messages and feel like they are a balm for my bruises. I know it shouldn't matter - and generally it doesn't. It's just that first moment, scanning the names. Hoping. But I've had such great luck in my life that this is not necessary. And one huge bit of luck is to have you as readers - and supports. Thank you!