Wednesday, 26 January 2011


gorgeous day - mild, light snow - perfect winter day. temps minus 2

What a change from Monday! It's like we suddenly walked into a different (heated) room. the cold snap ended and now it's unseasonably mild. But wonderful. Just cold enough to keep the snow.

Did a big french interview yesterday morning. On Radio Canada...their flagship radio show - goes nationally. With Christiane Charette. When my Quebec publisher told me about the interview I almost wept. And not tears of joy. I knew I couldn't turn it down - way too big, and way too important - and I had to support the released of the second book in french, Sous la glace. But I find it hard enough to find the words to describe what I'm doing in english....trying in a second language is torture. and I sure didn't want to either become so frightened my brain froze, or manage to speak, but sound like a slow three year old. And do a disservice to the books.


So I agreed to the interview, and it felt like falling slowly off a cliff, as the day approached. I read over and over an interview I'd given in la Presse with Nathalie Petrowski. she and I met last week for coffee and we talked. In english. Then she translated what I said into french.

I went over and over that interview - making note of key words. Then I called in the Big Gun. My friend Susan, who helped prep me for french interviews last year when the first book came out. susan agreed to meet me at Radio Canada for breakfast yesterday, and go over some french answers to possible questions....and just get my mind in gear. How wonderful, and patient, Susan was.

finally it was time. It feels like every nightmare I ever have. Showing up for an exam and realizing i haven't been to class all year, and certainly haven't studied. Or finding myself on stage in front of hundreds of people in a play - but I haven't learned my lines.

And then - I'm suddenly naked.

At the very least, as I walked toward the studio, I knew I might make a balls-up of it, but I probably wouldn't suddenly find myself naked.

Happily, another friend, Anne Lagace Dowson, was also a guest - invited by the brilliant producers when they realized I might not be up to a 20 minute live national radio interview. So the red light went on and Christiane introduced us...and then the three of us talked. In french. The whole time. Well - I resorted to english for a few words or phrases, but Anne translated and we went on. And not once did I feel my clothes slipping off.

I'll tell you, there's no relief like feeling that ten ton stone being released! Phew. What joy when it was over - and realizing I hadn't made a mess of it. Wow. I'm SO grateful to Susan and Anne - to Christiane for her patience. What a relief.

Then drove back home - it was snowing and I had the little car, so I took the back roads.

Arrived home exhausted, and make a tea and went to bed. At 5pm.

Today we had a breakfast meeting in Knowlton with Lise. What fun, to discuss the books and contracts and permissions and mailing with Lise over a warm muffin and cafe au lait.

then off to Granby for lunch with our friend Louise. Then she had us back to her home for tea and homemade banana bread. Absolutely yummy!!! We did a little sort of ritual - sitting in a circle with a candle....and sent away any pain and darkness from Jacques' days of illness in the home. And invited in the light. And healing. Contentment and peace.

It was very beautiful. And we could all feel Jacques' presence. The cat did something he's never done before too, as we sat in the circle. He curled up in Louise's lap.

The photo above we took in Granby when we arrived for lunch. It looked so singular - and we loved their snow hair and snow necklaces.

How unexpected life is.

A friend wrote today and ended her letter by saying she hoped we were in 'dangerous good health'. I thought that was such a fun way of putting it. I hope the same for you!


lil Gluckstern said...

What a full day. You always come through, and you have lovely friends. And you are a lovely friend. What a nice thing you did with Louise, brings peace to the pain, as you said. And the picture is wonderful. A full, rich life.

Anonymous said...

I have the very same dreams! And it is always maths. I completely forget that I was taking the class . . . or the lead in the production!

danielle-momo said...

j'ai ecouté votre entrevue avec Christianne Charrette sur le Net.
Malgré la difficulté, vous avez fait de votre mieux et je suis fière de vous.
J'ai aussi lu l'article de N.Petrowski.
Je suis heureuse que les francophones apprennent à mieux vous connaitre.