Tuesday, 18 January 2011

odds and ends

funny weather day - at times there's a snow storm, snow blowing, wind howling, then it's quiet, then there seems to be rain. Very changeable. Temps minus 5

yesterday it was reeeally cold. Minus 20. Clear skies. You should have seen the moon last night....almost as bright as the sun, and making all the fresh snow glow. Beautiful.

Back in Sutton. yay. Nice interview yesterday with Nathalie Petrowski.

Went to breakfast in cowansville this morning and ran errands. Then home to get caught up on paperwork. Emails etc. Nice to be inside, out of the very odd weather. But must feed Trudy soon and go for a walk. Head bowed into the blowing snow. We Canadians get very well acquainted with our footwear in winter.


Miss Diane said...

J'ai h√Ęte de lire l'entrevue avec la Petrowski, dans La Presse, je suppose..?

Brenda B. said...

I love the moonlight on the snow. Magical.

It's storming here tonight, a rain/snow mix, too. So no moonlight to glow on our sleep. Tomorrow night the Wolf Moon is full, and the forecast calls for clear skies.

Winter is something, isn't it?

Brenda B. in Maine