Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Overcast - huge winds. temps minus 6

One of those days that takes your breath away, and not in a good way. As I walked to the dentist (for a cleaning) this morning I could see snow eddying ahead, like a very small tornado. And sure enough, as I walked through it it pushed and shoved and caught my breath. perhaps I should have crossed the street. D'oh.

Have been watching the terrible flooding in Australia! It must be horrible to have a disaster telegraphed, and have no way to stop it. to see it coming from so far off. And to just have to wait for it. The flood waters have been rising, towns devastated, and then it turned on Brisbane. Frightening. somehow we never (at least I don't) expect this sort of thing in one of the big cities. But, of course, they're not immune.

Michael and I have a special place in our hearts for Brisbane. We were there at the International Literary Festival a few years ago - when The Cruellest Month came out. We adored Brisbane and really enjoyed taking the water busses up and down the river. The same river that is now flooding. It was a very beautiful city. And will be again. But today it's devastated and waiting for worse.

I'm always so impressed by the spirit of the Australians. Of calm, of acceptance, of getting on with the job at hand - of saving their towns and cities - or cleaning up. In all the coverage I've heard shock, and sadness - but also a spirit of 'We'll make this right'. I admire that lack of complaint - and the approach of not waiting for help, but doing what they can for themselves. And hoping for help!

Prayers being sent your way - Queensland.


Darlene said...

To be caught in such a natural disaster would be so shocking and heartbreaking. I hope never to experience such a waking nightmare. Although people find the courage to psychologically survive such terrible events, I think they must leave very deep scars. Prayers it stops soon.

lil Gluckstern said...

My heart aches for the those affected by this latest natural temper tantrum. My prayers go out to all. Boy, nature is sure showing us who's in charge this year.

pamela said...

I guess that's the thing; nature is always in charge and so much happens as we stand helplessly by and watch it happening around us. Certainly puts us into perspective.
You are right Louise there is an amazing attitude to disaster down here in Oz. Fortunately I live in South Australia and we are not directly impacted upon although in the long term we will certainly suffer financially regarding all the produce that comes our way from Queensland and is expected to double ( at least) in price over the next few months. I don't think a lot of people are aware just how big this flood area is; more than the land mass of France and Germany combined to give you some idea - frightening. Thanks to you who have commented on this disaster; we are having difficulty comprehending it even when it's at our doorstep! I know that our resilience and pioneering spirit will continue and ultimately survive.

Kath said...

As a fellow South Australian, I second what Pam has said, and thank you Louise for your comments.
Australian attitude has always been 'she'll be right' so it's good to see it coming through even in these devastating times.
I can't imagine just having to wait for something like that to descend. Thankfully all my Bananabender friends are safe.

Margaret said...

As a Melbournian (Victoria) we watched with horror as the disaster unfolded in Queensland, but now of course, Victoria is facing floods in some areas as well. - waters rising as I type this. Thankyou for your concern and caring Louise, the weather all around the world seems to be taking on a life of its own lately.

Millie said...

As a Queenslander who had over two metres of water through my house, can I say thankyou for your concern and very kind words. We are all, thank goodness, fine, but living in tempororay accommodation. It will be at least 3-6 months before we are home again. Our state is copping it again as I write this, with Cyclone Yasi approaching the far north.

I'm actually re-reading Bury Your Dead right now, as a kind of escape from the heat and humidity we're experiencing. I have to say, I'm a wee bit jealous of your snow!