Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wild Kingdom

Mainly sunny, some snow this morning, temps minus 11

Drove in to Montreal this morning. Woke up to lots of beautiful, fluffy snow falling. Less beautiful when you're on the road. Got caught behind a huge snow plow for about 20 kilometers. The downside is that it goes at about 25 kilometers an hour. Creeping along as it plows the snow off the road. The upside is that it is plowing the snow off the road. Ridiculous to speed to get to the destination 5 minutes earlier. But, God help me, I've done it. Drove like a maniac when I was in my twenties. Not necessarily really reckless - but I don't think I used the best judgement.

Michael and Trudy stayed at home. I have an interview tomorrow with the marvelous Nathalie Petrowski, of La Presse. We're meeting for breakfast at Chez Nick's. Then I'll head back home.

No more squirrels - though there is one snooping around the house. I do wonder if it's one of the fellas we re-located. Returned home. Our home, and apparently their's too. I stare at it, as it plays on the honeysuckle and sits in the bird feeder, but frankly they all look the same to me.

Great news about the mother and puppies - the black labs who'd been abused near our home. All the puppies have been adopted, and the Mom has gone to a fabulous home in Quebec City. I have to say, we'd have loved to have be able to adopt one of them. But very, very happy they're all in loving homes.

Watching the football games, and exchanging emails with Michael - we always seem to root for different teams.

Hope you're well and enjoying your weekend.


plaisanter said...

Dear Louise,
I'm in the middle of Bury Your Dead and am completely engrossed, but I decided I'd have a short rest to say thank you. Thank you for ALL your books. Your writing is so wonderful; I wish that I could be more descriptive in my praise. I'm amazed (and grateful) that you can develop so many characters as thoroughly as you do in such a short space.

I hope you will be writing for a long time yet.

Roberta Walker said...

Great news about the puppies and their mom! Dog rescue is often heartbreaking, so it's extra satisfying when there is a happy ending!

Marni said...

Thanks for the puppy/mom update.
Maybe that squirrel just couldn't stay away from the delight of your home~
Travel safely in that snow, (she says from her NC front porch at a cool but sunny 60 degrees F) !

Anonymous said...

I have read all your books, waiting now for the next one. I have them on Kindle and have got several of my friends reading them too. Everyone has the same comment: We all want to move to Three Pines!

How long before we get more?

Louise Penny Author said...

Yes, we were very relieved for the pups and the mom, though a little selfishly sad that we couldn't take them in. But the right brother or sister for Trudy will come along.

And thank you Anon and Nancy. I'm so glad you found the books!