Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Weather Permitting

snow, snow, snow temps minus 9

The snow seems to be tapering off a little now - but it was fierce this morning. I took a couple of photos at about 10:30, when Trudy and I went out to feed the birds. When the snow gets deep Michael and I have to wear our old rubber boots because our snow boots aren't high enough. So - like so much in life - it's a trade-off. Rubber boots have no insulation, so our feet get very cold very fast - but they're dry. Unless we've mis-calculated and the snow is higher than thought, in which case it tumbles into the boot.

Very delicate decision making. This is perhaps another reason Canadians don't rule the world. We spend most of our time trying to figure out what to wear. I think our national motto should be 'Weather Permitting'. Or maybe that could be the name of our national anthem - instead of 'O Canada'.

We've been watching the events in Egypt. Rapt. On tenderhooks. What will happen next?

Also watching the dreadful storm hitting Australia. My God, just when I think I have a handle on the power of nature, this cyclone Yasi hits and all my ideas are shown to be pedestrian. Nature, if it wants, can wipe us all out. What resilience the Australians show. I am absolutely in awe.

Our storms here are bad - and certainly unusual along the US coast. But nothing compared to what has hit Australia. If you're there, please know we're thinking of you.

In the meantime, here in quebec, we're snowed in! spent much of yesterday with Kirk at Ikea, looking at kitchens and doing a design on their computer programme. Quite remarkable.

Today Michael and I were supposed to have breakfast in Knowlton, meet a friend who has just finished his first book to talk about publishing. Go to visit Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books, then have a meeting with our contractor.

But the snow means we're stuck at home...doing what we do best. Lounging by the fire! REading the Ikea catalogue. Thinking about hot chocolate. And the eliptical machine.

If we can get out, we have an appointment for the VW beetle in Sherbrooke....then breakfast at Hovey. Hope weather is OK for our flight out Monday. if not, you'll hear the shriek!

Speak to you soon - hope you're safe - and no snow has gone into your rubber boots.


Tanya said...

Hi Louise,

Your comment on how powerful nature is reminded me of a documentary I watched a few weeks back.

It was about how the world would look like without humans: 6 months, one year, 5, 25, 100 and so on. It's incredible what nature will do to keep on going. We are puny, complete nothings compared to IT.

Let's hope we never forget who is really King here.


P.S I envy your fireplace :D

Gayle in VA said...

Love your snow pictures and your 'weather permitting' comment!

libraryperson said...

Lots of snow here in Ottawa. I did not have to go out today.

Trudy looks happy in the snow.

Cece said...

Monday evening before the storm I filled all the bird feeders, suet cages, etc. Most have some sort of squirrel guard, and although none are foolproof, they do minimize the squirrel-feasting. (The squirrels have their own feeders but want ALL of it.) This morning when we woke, the branches of the maple were so heavily iced that they were touching the ground-and so were the hooded bird feeders. Those were surrounded by squirrels feasting away, grateful for the little plastic umbrellas. When a couple crows landed on the branch and displaced the ice, the feeders flew up with a bounce, leaving some very confused and sassy squirrels.
Now the wind has picked up and the disturbed ice sounds like breaking glass.

Shelagh, from Michigan said...

Oh if that isn't the most adorable picture of Trudy in the snow!! Absolutely love it!

Tia in Oregon said...

In 1963 we lived on a hill outside of Lennoxville. Our driveway was rather long, and each day as my husband left for Bishop's he shoveled the drive. Before he came home each afternoon I shoveled the drive. That winter the snowbank on each side of the drive got so high I couldn't throw the snow so the drive got more narrow each day. Those were the days! My worst winter in Canada was in the Peace River area of Alberta when the temperature went to 60 below the day after Christmas.
Today I live in Oregon where the sun is shining and it's 49 degrees outside.........

Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise!

We're shoveling out here in Maine, too, but our weather's nothing compared to Australia, Chicago or even NYC/Philly. We're made for this, after all.

When we ventured outside to clear the way to our birdfeeders, Diane wore her knee-high super-duper GoreTex boots. I wore regular boots and gaiters, the old fashioned (but highly effective) way to deal with deep snow.

All good wishes that you're able to depart on time this weekend and with all of your luggage in tow (as opposed to stuck in the VW.)

I do hope you will blog from St. Lucia so we all can pretend we've escaped this relentless winter.

Best to you,

Brenda B. in Maine

A Novel Woman said...

We got a ton of snow at this end of the island, but our friends in Australia have it way worse so I'm not complaining. Much. Even with a broken snowblower.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny hurrah, and may that continue at least until Monday!

whispering... (I think it's tenterhooks, not tenderhooks)

Michelle said...

I have a pair of winter boots that might solve the rubber boot/winter boot issue. The boots that I have are a rubber boot that is winter boot. It is basically a 3 season boot (spring, fall and winter). They are called Bogs and are the best winter boot I have ever had. Easy to put on and take off and nice and warm and dry!! LOVE the picture of Trudy. She looks like she loves the snow unlike my Boston Terrier!

Elizabeth D said...

2 pairs of thick wool socks inside the rubber boots will keep you much more comfortable. (I thought Canadians were born knowing this. . .)

lil Gluckstern said...

Trudy looks adorable. The weather is a little awe inspiring, and the forces of nature a little scary. We're enjoying our January thaw here in California, but we've also had some earth tremors lately. My heart goes out to those people in Queensland, and to all of you who are getting snow weary. The trip to Santa Lucia should be a welcome respite-are you taking us with?

Miss Diane said...

Tout ce qui se passe ailleurs nous fait réaliser à quel point nous sommes chanceux! Après tout, n'est-ce pas une chance de pouvoir profiter de quelques centimètres de neige..? Le paysage est magnifique comme le démontrent vos photos.

Miss Diane said...

J'ai oublié de mentionner que Trudy a l'air de bien aimer la neige, ce qui n'est pas le cas pour ma Sushi!

Valerie said...

Hi Louise,

Not to make you envious but I had my Beetle out, top down, here in Arizona two weeks ago. The weather has turned cold but not as cold as Montreal!!

Valerie, a great fan of yours, ex-Montrealer, often vacationed at Ripplecove in the old days before it became posh.

Philly girl said...

I'm new to your blog, but wanted to say that I much prefer your weather to the weather we've been having here in Philly this week. We had some beautiful snow storms in January, but now it is rain and sleet on top of snow. It is gloomy and slippery.
Oh to be in the islands. Have a wonderful time.