Monday, 27 December 2010


snow, cold, temps minus 15

We weren't supposed to be betting snow. Even now The Weather Network is showing sunny skies. And I suppose it is, though obscured by the massive amount of snow. Still, not nearly what the eastern seaboard has been getting. I sure hope it didn't hurt your travel plans - but I suspect many of you were affected. Flights, roads, trains. What a wallop.

Doug left this morning after one of the best Christmas's any of us can remember. No gifts. Just talking, reading, watching movies, talking and going for walks. Glorious.

I hopped in the car and went food shopping to replenish before Michael's son's Victor and Mike arrive tonight. Tortieres, Tarte au sucre, brie, prime rib roast. And Fairmont bagels. They're supposed to drive here from Boston, but we called this morning and left a message suggesting they might want to postpone and come tomorrow. Fortunately, they have snow tires. Unfortunately, they also have snow.

The tree is still up, of course, but the Christmas carols are out of the stereo. I love them, but can't listen to them after Christmas. So now we have Bach, Tchaikovsky, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the soundtrack to The Piano and our new favorite album. We bought it at Saint-Benoit-du-lac. They have, and we've purchased in the past, the traditional Gregorian chants, for which they're famous. But one of the monks, Dom Minier, decided (with the approval of the Abbott and the other monks) that maybe a more modern interpretation of the chants would reach more people. so he's added some instrumentation and 'jazzed' it up - but just a bit. He and two other monks do the chants - and it's amazing! Apparently (and we didn't realize this) the trio and Dom Minier in particular, have become rock stars because of it, selling out concerts all over Quebec.

When we arrived at the Abbey last week we were told to check in at the porter's window. And there was Dom Minier, the porter for the monks. when he's not a rock star. Amazing community.

So as I write Michael and I are listening to the Gregorian chants - updated - on their CD called Splendour.

Wow, snow is even heavier. Very fluffy, like feathers falling. Splendid.

Hope you're safe and warm. And are enjoying the holidays. Michael says hi. And thank you, from both of us, for all your lovely Christmas greetings. We have read them all, both on the blog and facebook, and so appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Far, far south in North Carolina, we have snow as well -- more than 6 inches. A very happy surprise, for sure. Just wanted to add to your greetings. Your books have brought me such pleasure in 2010. I've read all the Three Pines books since September (well, I'm currently parsing out the last 80 pages of Bury Your Dead). Thank you, thank you for making this world that I think about and enjoy so deeply. Can't wait for the next book. I'm wishing much healing for Gamache and Jean Guy between now and then. Best, Nancy

Alix said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays a bit late, I'm afraid. Yes, lots of snow but that's what the season is all about. I also follow a blog called Smitten Kitchen, which I highly recommend for the wonderful recipies, whitty and clever writing. A fellow reader had the audacity to write that he was tired of reading about her newborn son. I couldn't believe it. I love hearing about her baby as much as I love hearing about Trudy, Michael and the gang that keeps your life running like a well oiled machine. So in light of his rude remark I just wanted to share how delighted I am with your books, your blog and thank you for sharing them with us.

Cherry P. said...

Where do I get a copy of the CD? I looked at their beautiful website, but my high school Latin is way to far gone to even begin trying to decipher the French.

Like everyone else, I breathe in every word of Three Pines (from the audio books). I've listened to them all in '10 and look forward to the next 2.

We actually had a few flakes in southern NM, and at 11 am it is only up to 28 F, but naturally sunny.

Many blessings in the new year to Louise, Michael and all the fine folks who follow Gamache and co.