Thursday, 9 December 2010

Apres la deluge

Still snowing, but in fits and starts temp minus 10

The storm is over. Met a woman in the Richford, Vermont post office (also doing christmas mailing) - she's from Quebec too and she'd measured 41 inches on her back porch. Slightly over 3 feet. Of very fluffy, light snow.

That was about our estimate of the amount of snow we had here. Michael and I took an assortment of shots today. One shows the view from our mudroom, out the back door. Thank God we have a front door. This is the Canadian equivalent of an alarm system.

No one will break in - though the problem is, if they ever do, they'll never get out. We'll all be having Christmas turkey together.

Sure confused Trudy when we opened the door last night for her to go out last thing at night - and she met that. She refused, and went back to the fireplace. But you see her out this morning - very happy to be there. rolling in the snow. I hope.

That little teepee of snow in the background outside our mudroom? That's our composter.

Editing going very well. Hope to be finished tomorrow.

Oh, a bit of news from a friend...Kappy Flanders. One of her daughters, Judith, writer wonderful and very successful non-fiction books. she's based in the UK and specializes in all things Victorian. Well, she's just come out with a new book I thought you might be interested in -

By Judith Flanders

Doesn't that sound fabulous? And it's getting terrific reviews in the UK.

Off for dinner tonight with Kirk and Walter and Jack and Jane. they all started as friends, but then a few years ago Kirk and Jane formed an interior design company. so we've asked for their help re-designing our kitchen. But tonight is just fun. If I can restrain myself from talking about design all that, beg and borrow all sorts of design magazines. Just to look.

We're off to pick up Kirk and Walter, who are also neighbours, then driving together to Knowlton for dinner. Meeting Jack and Jane there. So looking forward to it.


Barb said...

Holy cow, that's a bunch of snow! And I've lived in Alaska and now in Colorado! Madre mia!

Anonymous said...

Trudy sure looks happy to me rolling on her back. What a joyful thing to watch. Hope that's the end of the snow for now!

Nina said...

Thanks for the photos. We left all that snow behind when we moved from Akron, OH. Now in Nashville, we might just get a couple of inches which we love because it doesn't last for long.

lil Gluckstern said...

That is a lot of snow. It seems that you don't let it stop you from enjoying (and eating). Trudy looks delightful. I'm so far from driving in snow, it's been years, that for me it would be hibernating time. You guys are much better at dealing with this; I lived in the Northeast and this would lay us low. Stay warm.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Madre mia, indeed! But you know why we're so sanguine about all the snow? Because we don't absolutely have to go out in it. We have the grace of just staying home. But I remember winter in Montreal, with street parking. A nightmare!

Snow seems to have stopped for today.