Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kirkus Review - top mysteries, 2010

snow, blowing snow, bright sunshine temps minus 11

very strange weather day. We woke up to blowing snow and the news that the highways were in a terrible state, with more snow expected. We were to go in to Montreal, but decided to just curl up in bed.

And then we saw that it was supposed to clear by midday. And then we faced the typical Canadian in winter dilemma. To go out and risk death or stay at home and risk atrophying.

We proved ourselves typical Canadians by agreeing to a compromise. We had an appointment with the bank, so we'd go to Cowansville for breakfast (we've already established the magical attraction of French toast on explorers), go to the bank, and see from there.

Well, after the bank we stepped outside and the sun was shining. So we hopped in the car, turned it toward Montreal, and here we be. But not before going through a few unexpected white outs on the highway. Here's a photo Michael took (I was driving, just fyi) as we crossed the Champlain Bridge across the St Lawrence. Normally from there we can see Montreal clearly. It's a gorgeous entry to a city, perhaps the most beautiful I've ever seen. But today the city had disappeared into a snow squall.

Stopped at the Nespresso shop in downtown Montreal for more capsules (we worship at the duel alters of french toast and nespresso cappucinos), then off to victoria Ave in Westmount for food, then off to the video shop (Night and Day, Inception, and the last two disks in the Modern Family season one). And now back in the Montreal apartment.

Heading out soon for a doctor's appointment for Michael, then back to the apartment.

Hoping to have breakfast at Nick's tomorrow with Susan. Michael has a lunch with his good friend David. And I plan to spend the day doing absolutely nothing!!!!

Oh, got the great news that BURY YOUR DEAD made the Kirkus Review's list of top 10 mysteries. All on the list are amazing - if you click here you can find it...


Congratulations to everyone on that list...it's a wonderful Christmas buys list too...

speak to you tomorrow....


glenys said...

Congratulations on the Kirkus Reviews listing for Bury Yor Dead. I loved that book!

Ann from Boston said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day. I have read all your books and anxiously await your next book. I love hearing of all your adventures with your husband and your friends. I also love when you recommend other authors or, as you did today, recommend sites like the Kirkus Review. I just requested three books from that list from my local library here in Boston. So excited to read authors I have not read before. Congratulations on Bury Your Dead being listed.

Larry Marshall said...

I read a lot of blogs and love them. But yours in particular makes me laugh. Oh, to be able to do what you do that you do so well.

Cheers --- Larry

VTSlajer said...

Hi Louise, it's reassuring to know that you made it to the other apartment. Road conditions were not too favourable for driving in the city either. Congrats on another Top 10 entry. Your books are little jewels that I treasure and always have one on standby. Next Monday, I am taking Still Life (signed by you for Antonio) to Prague. Thanks to internet, I will able to follow your blog in Europeas well. Isn't that great?
Happy Holidays.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - thanks for the congrats and supportive comments - love hearing from you...and while I don't always respond these days (time is so short and precious) I do read them, and and very grateful for your time and thoughtfulness. And support. That means a huge amount to me! Be well, my friends.