Thursday, 2 December 2010

Huff and puff

sunny, lovely day - temps about freezing

yesterday was the most amazing wind and rain storm. Power off and on. Water put in the bathtub, since when our power is off so is our water, and our plumbing (if you follow). We drove home from Hovey through twigs flying through the air...blown off nearby trees. A few trees down across the road.

Calls back and forth from friends and neighbours. Your power one? Yours?

A tree came down and knocked down Joan's power and phone lines. Gary let her his cell phone, so she spent the evening fielding his calls from clients and friends. Heaven knows what she's committed him to!

Pat and Tony's power was out for 24 hours, and still out when last we heard.

Ours flickered - and went out a few times - but generally stayed on. Then, unexpectedly, it snowed last night - then the skies cleared. The two photos above were taken by Michael when he walked Trudy around the pond this morning.

As you can tell, we're home. spent today back at the laptop-going over the editors notes for A TRICK OF THE LIGHT....started the edit. Always scary at first, but quickly became very fun as I realized I very much like this book. Phew.

More editing tomorrow - and Lise coming by with business. While we were away she decorated outside. Put up beautiful christmas wreaths and lights. And tony put up more lights on the honeysuckle. Not quite Santa's Village - but very welcoming and warm. Thank God for My Assistant Lise!


VTSlajer said...
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VTSlajer said...

Winter storms like that and worse (re-read Dead Cold if you want to know more and some) do happen. Montreal got away with heavy rain and wind 'only'. Glad to hear that you and Michael made it back home safely - and, many thanks for the December Newsletter.

Sorry for a typo before.

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures, I can just imagine how much more beautiful your homestead is with Christmas decorations. So peaceful, quiet, a writer's haven.

So, if you like this new book you're editing, we readers won't stand a chance. We'll be swept away again - can't wait.

Gamache mugs -- so glad to see where to get them in your newsletter - timely for Christmas I hope.

lil Gluckstern said...

Your home is just lovely. Sorry about the weather, but it is the one of the things that we haven't learned hoe to control. I was on the phone with Lucy, ordering a Gamache mug, when she said that a customer just walked out and was almost blown away. Lucy sounds charming, and she said you are as wonderful as you sound. Can't wait for my Xmas present to me. And the new book, (sigh).

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - I was also amazed by the photo - Michael really is something.

Lil, so glad you got a chance to speak to Lucy. You;'re right - she's wonderful. As are you!