Sunday, 5 December 2010

Saint Lise

some sun, some flurries, cold, temps minus 6

Well, not really cold for this time of year. And I'd much rather have it cold than warm and lose the snow we have. It's very pretty. And now that My Assistant Lise (we're putting her up for Sainthood) has decorated the place for Christmas, and she and Tony gave put up lights, it is magical. Especially at night.

Spending long days editing A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, but really enjoying it. Not just enjoying being back in the book, but this stage in the writing and publishing process is probably my favorite. Not the first day - which is always scary. Intimidating, really. But once I break through that and relax -'s a wonderful place to be. Fine tuning. Smoothing. Choosing a word here, adjusting there. A slight highlight. What better way to spend a day?

But I'm anxious to finish...and then get to the Christmas preparations. Gifts to buy and wrap. Gifts to mail! Cards. Every year I say I'm not sending cards, then we end up sending lots.

We're thinking of re-doing our kitchen. We've been in this house for 10 years and we haven't touched it. Well, we know where it is - and have touched it. Even cooked there....we just haven't renovated it. And man, does it need it. The floor - quite dreadful white tiles - is cracked and the kitchen cupboards are made out of kellog's corn flakes boxes or something. Actually, it's plywood. Really. The rest of the home is warm and comfortable and welcoming. But the kitchen, while having 'good bones' is not the best part of the home. Kirk and Jane are coming over to help us figure out what we want to do. Might ask My Assistant Lise to do it. why not? there doesn't seem to be anything she can't do. Perhaps this can be considered her 'miracle' for sainthood.

Actually, we'll see if the magnificent Gary can do the work. But probably not until next fall....can't have all this work happening as I write the next book. In fact, I suspect with the kitchen ripped out the house will be uninhabitable. Though, given how much I cook I'm not totally sure we'll notice.

We have a blessedly quiet week ahead. Off to Pina's exercise class tomorrow morning. It's held at the local church hall. Our Lady of Perpetual Deep Knee Bends. Then more editing.

hope you have great week! I hope to blog tomorrow.


Lee Ann said...

Maybe before you start I should send you the series of pictures I took five years ago when we redid *our* kitchen. The best one shows my husband looking aghast at the kitchen with all of the cabinets, counters and appliances ripped outlike, holes gaping in the walls. Sadly, it is a little blurry, but then so is the whole experience . . .

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Louise it all sounds very much in contol as you think about it so it will probably go well. Oh boy a new book. Sylvia in Anchorage

Liz said...

Are you sure you want to tackle kitchen renovation in the winter? Maybe you should just think and plan now, and then have the work done when you can BBQ (unless you plan to be away for an extended period). Just a thought...
Also, since you were here in Kingston last fall at the Writers' Festival, I thought you might enjoy a view of the market square now that it's been turned into a skating rink--large photo on my blog (almost as good as your lovely photo of your house with its dusting of snow).

Marjorie said...

Louise, please let Lise know that we appreciate how her work keeps you free to do your work!

Sylvia, I have a question for you. Are mittens or gloves warmer? I figure that if anyone knows the real answer, it's someone in Alaska!

--Marjorie from CT

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - there must be a patron saint of home renovations...though we're lucky to have Gary - though now that we've let him out of the basement he might be hard to find.

And Marjorie - failing an answer from Sylvia, my thought is that mitts are warmer, since the individual fingers help keep each other warm. Very collegial.

Marjorie said...

Thanks Louise! My fingers get colder and colder in winter as I get older and older.

--Marjorie from CT

Elizabeth D said...

Marjorie long-time knitter and former Maine resident here; mittens are most definitely warmer. Wool!! Wool + alpaca is even warmer.

And how long do I have to wait for this book? Reading Bury Your Dead slowly, to make it last was very difficult.

Marjorie said...

Thanks, Elizabeth D. I saw alpacas at the local Fair this year. I should have bought the mittens the farmer had on sale! (One of the alpacas was named Sherlock!)

--Marjorie from CT