Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

cold, cloudy, still day. temps minus 13

So lovely outside. Snow heavy on trees. A light dusting on the car this morning. Michael and I went out early and did errands including dropping in at La Rumeur Affamee - on rue Principal in Sutton. Wonderful epicerie...filled with cheeses and cold cuts, pies and tortieres (we ordered two for next week when Michael's sons are here), quiche, olive oils, salts, condiments, ice cream, and...breads. And croissants. We picked up some brie and a special goat cheese only available at Christmas. And two fresh, warm baguettes for dinner tonight.

then post office. finally found Christmas crackers in the hardware store. Quite an Anglo tradition, so not all that easy to find Christmas crackers outside Montreal. But it's a part of Christmas dinner I adore. Always have. Silly really. The pop of the cracker, digging for the ridiculous joke on the slip of paper, and the 'present' - normally something plastic and breakable or already broken. And those garish tissue hats shaped like crowns. We all wear them. All the way through dinner, as they slip off, or over and eye, and get shoved back. By the end of the meal they're torn and askew, but we'd never dream of taking them off.

Then a final trip to the grocery store - packed! Bedlam. But enough check-out people that there was actually no waiting. We didn't need much, but what we needed was crucial...milk, bananas, grapefruit, and ingredients for stuffing. The fruit is for show. The truth is, we're now in junk highgear. Chocolates, fudge, christmas cake, anything Lise made, bark, and pannetone.

Once home we unpacked, walked Trudy, and while Michael laid the fire I made a couple of cafe au laits, carved the pannetone, and we plopped down in front of the hearth. Ahhh.

Doug is on his way from Toronto - presumably bringing Buttercup (the hound from hell - with the surfeit of joy and a tail like a baseball bat). Will have dinner in front of the fireplace, with the tree lit, carols on the stereo, and cheese, pate and baguette on a tray. And spend the night getting all caught up.

I will blog tomorrow - because I do want to say thank you for all the many gifts you've given me over this past year. In the meantime, I hope your travels are safe and swift, if you're going out - and that you have a wonderful holiday.


pamela said...

Christmas Day already in Oz and climbing to 32C. Mother Nature is being her unpredictable self and has decided to bless us with some unexpected showers!! Should all add up to a humid day. Yippee!
It sounds as if you are all geared up to celebrate in style so all I can say is have a wonderful, memorable and Merry Christmas. Pam Gx

lil Gluckstern said...

Happy Christmas, Louise, to you and yours.
Thank you for sharing your life with us. It sounds like your Christmas will be memorable, and filling! I am sipping tea out of my Gamache cup as I write. It makes me smile.

A. Wright said...

Happy Christmas, Louise and Michael. I just had to write that, here in So. Calif., my family has had Christmas crackers at our Christmas Eve dinner for decades. Just as you described the tissue crowns are beloved and become battered, torn and bedraggled by the end of the meal, but are never is tradition.


suzy said...

Awaiting snow in South Carolina...can you believe it? Warm and cozy with the Christmas baking all done. Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing and giving us the world of Three Pines. My prognosis is good and I'm already halfway through my radiation treatments so I hope to read your next book poolside!

Have a very merry Christmas and you are so appreciated for giving so much of yourself to your fans!
- Daisy in Phoenix, where it is 68 degrees, crystal blue sky.

Linda said...

So true about the fruit being for show! I've been eating Christmas cookies for breakfast for days now! Thank you, Louise for all your gifts to us throughout the year!
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
Linda in NH

Dana said...

Merry Christmas Louise and Michael, and all the bloggers who have added so much to my life this past year.

Mason Canyon said...

Merry Christmas to you and Michael. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thoughts in Progress

bgpringle said...

Merry Christmas Louise and Michael. We always do the Christmas crackers ( much to Don's chagrin) but love them too. Have to get them from Williams Sonoma here in Mississippi as they're not too plentiful any where else. It's raining and 38F, so no snow here. Have a wonderful time with family.

Georgina said...

Louise - thanks for wonderful encouragement from you recently. Happy hols to you and yours. Barcelona's chillier today but we were able to sit outside early evening last night. Managed to find crackers! Have a great 2011. Georgina

Donna K WisconsinD said...

Dear Louise and Michael,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a great couple. You are deservedly blessed.
Love your comfortable home pictures.
Christmas here was made special when our 4 yr. old grandson bonded with the 2 yr. old Newfy with no fear. It was nice to bring down all the gates. All 3 big dogs and little Carter in front of the tree getting a lesson on why dogs wag their tails.There it is....

Donna K
Donna K