Friday, 10 December 2010


Started sunny (yay) but now overcast. flurries in the forecast temps minus 9

chilly day, but no wind. Snow still sitting in the street and balancing on limbs. One good gust, though, and it all falls.

Finished the editing. My God, does that feel great. Like a tether being released. And, even better, I really like this book. That's always a little scary, when going back to edit a book, especially since I hadn't read it the whole time on tour...2 months. I really was afraid I'd get into the edit and not like the book at all.

Such a fabulous feeling -

Had fun over dinner last night with Kirk and Walter, jack and Jane. We went to Le Relais, in Knowlton. Thursday is 'cheap' night, when everything is on special. So everyone was there. it was like a huge private party, where you pay for your meal. Very, very fun. And, being there with Kirk, is like being with a celebrity. Everyone came over to say hi.

There aren't many people we choose to give our precious private time to - but Jane and Jack, Kirk and Walter are on the very short list. I'm afraid I have all the makings of a happy (and probably demented) recluse.

As we were leaving, Walter, Jane, Jack, Michael and I were standing outside, in a very cold night - waiting for Kirk. We were chatting and not paying much attention. if I thought at all, it was that he'd stopped to chat at another table. But then the door flew open and Kirk came out, a look of huge relief on his face.

Seems he wasn't chatting at all, but standing quietly just inside the door with a group of people he thought was us. Then he 'woke up' and realized he was standing with a group of strangers. And had lost us! He came barreling out of there like a lost puppy. Very happy to see us waiting for him.

Quite hilarious.

Blessedly quiet day. Might call Joan and see if she can go for breakfast tomorrow. Now that I'm free, free, free.



suzy said...

Freedom! Enjoy!!

Jeff B said...

Congrats on finishing the editing (and queue the maniacal laughing) - as always, looking forward to reading the finished product (and 'Bury Your Dead' set the bar very high!)

Dana said...

Congratulations and thank you from all your fans. Enjoy the holidays.

John said...

Congratulations, Louise! Will there be any ARC's available? (he says, hopefully!) Enjoy your well-deserved rest (to say nothing of the snow!)


A. Wright said...

Now you really can rest for a bit. Congratulations and enjoy!


Diane said...

Wonderful. Two month tour behind you, editing done, you so deserve a long and happy holiday.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all -

It sure does feel great! As you say, free. Very few feelings like it. Wow. Thanks for your understanding and celebrations.